Eye Makeup Madness: Holiday Trend Prep

Eye Makeup Madness: Holiday Trend Prep

Hear those sleigh bells? Well…that’s actually the sound of my wallet emptying out every last penny I have—and then some!

Holiday season is fast approaching and I’m sure you need some new festive makeup to go with your holiday sweaters. Here are some super cute holiday eye products and trends that you need to check out!

1. Minty Green Liner

The first item you have to check out is peppermint eyeliner! I swear, this is going to become a staple in your makeup bag this holiday season.

Happy Skin makes this Eye Am Here To Stay 24h Gel Eyeliner In Peppermint. It is a beautiful minty green shade that you probably haven’t seen elsewhere. The packaging is nice and convenient too, since it comes as a retractable gel pencil. I really like that since most gel liners come in a little pot and you need a brush to apply it.

This is super easy to grab and go, but the texture is really good. If you’re kind of wary about a green eyeliner, it’s actually more of a light metallic shimmer shade, which is great because you can use it on your waterline to brighten up your eyes if you just want something subtle. If you want a more dramatic look, you can use it as your top liner. That being said, it is a little difficult to get the pigmentation off, but once you get it warmed up, it works like a charm! I hope I find one in my stocking.

2. Super Sparkly Statements

I love this look from @makeupby.gaby because it’s not exactly what you would think of when you think about holiday makeup. I think of more reds and greens. But purple is so beautiful on everyone and it still has a cheerful vibe! The sprinklings of white pull it together and give it a holiday season-esque effect. I don’t know about you, but it totally reminds me of snow!

3. Candy Cane Liner

Glowing hunty #christmas2015 #candycaneliner #highlightonfleek

A photo posted by @primadonnas_glam on

If you’re a Christmas fanatic, you’re in luck because beautiful candy cane and peppermint candies eye looks are in style. All the red, the glitter…no pun intended, but you can be sure that everyone will be making sticky eyes at you!

I especially like how @primadonnas_glam kept the rest of her makeup to a minimum so that the focus remains on her lovely eye makeup.

4. Gold Lips

This flaxen pout (via @samiikitty) is a great look for holiday parties—New Year’s especially. It's festive and super fun. Add wings and lashes to your peepers and you’re good to go!

There is soooo much more holiday makeup talk on the horizon, it's not even funny. See you soon.

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