Faking It: Temporary Hair Color Brands To Test Out

Faking It: Temporary Hair Color Brands To Test Out

Committing to a new hair hue can be daunting. Honestly, I am constantly dyeing my hair one color then wanting to switch back to its previous color. It is...exhausting.

So, to save myself (and hopefully you) some time, effort and money, I decided to check out a few temporary hair color brand options.

Here are my top three picks.

1. Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Fantasy Hair Color

From traffic-stopping orange to chick yellow tint, this three-years-in-the-making line is sure to delight any and all unicorn lovers. Some of these are tints and others are on the "full-coverage" end of the spectrum, but all of 'em are formulated with vegetable dye with all-vegan ingredients.

Another huge plus is the colors condition hair while temporarily dyeing it. Most of these shades are NOT on the neutral side (no blondes or browns), but, the colors they do offer are ideal for anyone who is craving a little pop of color in their tresses.

2.  BlingirlsChalk-It

Blingirls '  Chalk-It   ($19.99)

BlingirlsChalk-It ($19.99)

Okay, so that good (and the bad news) about "crazy" colors is that they are almost always semi-permanent, meaning that they will fade away after a few washes, unless you employ special tactics to prolong this inevitable end-result...but if you aren't prepared for even a few weeks' worth of commitment to a new color, hair chalk might be the way to go. 

This cute little set gives you a few choices to pick from; purple, bright green, yellow and blue. Why not, right? Also, the idea here is that you place strands of hair in the compact and pull down in order to coat it in a given shade. No mess.

3. Jerome Russell's Punk Colour

Jerome Russell 's  Punk Colour  In Spring Green  (price varies by retailer)

Jerome Russell's Punk Colour In Spring Green (price varies by retailer)

These semi-permanent conditioning hair colors contain no acid dyes and they are cruelty-free. Oh and those colors are just...beautiful. So many shades too! And the price is great; a 3.5 oz jar is typically $9.99 at Ulta.

Not sure what shade to test out? Let's talk about it on Twitter and/or Instagram.

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