Far From Flash-In-The-Pan: The Many Merits of Metallic Eyeliner

Far From Flash-In-The-Pan: The Many Merits of Metallic Eyeliner

The words "metallic eyeliner" conjure up mental images of bold, editorial looks that arguably have no place in day-to-day makeup routines.

However, the more that I admire this trend from afar, the more convinced I become that metallic eyeliner is indeed do-able for work, school or play. Here are three shining examples of this from some of my go-to Instagram beauty gurus.


Nikkie's (of NikkieTutorials) status as the queen of glitter is pretty well-established across the beauty sphere. She is also hailed for her skills at recreating celebrity looks.

These two skills are evident in her Adele-inspired metallic black eyeliner look. Besides recreating it to perfection, Nikkie also made the metallic liner look wearable due to the glitter on top of the liner being black as well.

Love it.


Video tutorial on this makeup look is up on my channel! Link is in my bio if you haven't seen it ❤️😘

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Desi Perkins also created a beautiful, more natural-looking glitter liner but with a bit more of a twist.

For this look, a cranberry color was used to fill in her wing eyeliner, giving a nice pop of color that would complement any eye color, especially blue eyes. The added color and shine is catching but still subtle enough to not look outrageously over-the-top.


Last video of 2014 just went up on my channel!! 🎉 Hope you enjoy! 💜

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Jaclyn Hill did her own spin on the classic New Year’s Eve look by creating a beautiful glittery, metallic liner look with a pop of color on the lower lash line.

The best thing about this beautiful look is that it’s less of a hassle. There is no need to deal with the all fuss of loose glitter getting all over your under eyes and vanity, not to mention the glue.

On top of all the trouble of putting on the glitter, glitter still has major fall out throughout the night and can crease easily. Metallic liner like this look, however, only requires the liner itself and is more likely to last all the way till countdown. Or throughout any non-celebratory day. Either or.

If you decide to try out a metallic eyeliner look, snap a pic and share it with me (and the lovelierie team!) by tagging it #TestWithLove.

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