Fingernail Fancy: New Nail Tools To Try

Fingernail Fancy: New Nail Tools To Try

There’s no better feeling than glancing at your hands right after a manicure and having your own attention stolen by your freshly-trimmed nails. The perfect shape, the flawless color coverage, the shine that reflects so subtly from the tips of your fingers. After a few seconds of admiration, you sort of forget what you were looking for in the first pla… Sorry...What was I saying?
I love getting a mani as much as the next person, but spending around $30 every time I need to get my nails done isn’t pretty, wallet-wise. Just as appliances (and software) are constantly evolving, nail technology is too!

Check out some of the newest and greatest tools from the nail renaissance of the late 2010's.

1. Spray Nail Polish

This idea is so good that it almost makes one wonder, “why didn’t I think of this?” Milk Makeup and Nails inc. have taken nail polish and put it into spray can form!

According to Milk Makeup, all you need to do sweep evenly over your nails and wash off the excess afterwards. It even includes stencils so you can become an instant nail artist. Sold!

2. Dip Powder

So this one has still got me in slight disbelief. No more wet nails and accidentally smearing them in globs and having to redo the entire coat, because Revel Nail has taken nail polish into powder form!

An alternative to traditional acrylic nails, dip powder is free of the potential damage that can result from applying wet polish!

It’s also environmentally-friendly, water-proof and non-toxic. It’s not the cheapest, with the starter kit starting at $50 with color of your choice, but the item is rated at 5 stars with over 100 reviews!

3. Nail Care System Sets

Say goodbye to your nail clippings flying all over the place like popcorn. There are a few options on this front out there these days, but Amopé's Pedi Perfect Nail Care System has caught my attention.

Amopé 's Pedi Perfect Nail Care System - Via Amazon

Amopé's Pedi Perfect Nail Care System - Via Amazon

It’s a three step system; file, buff and shine! This little number essentially takes out all of the manual labor of doing your nails. You’ll eventually need to buy refill parts after some amount of uses, but I suppose convenience doesn’t come for free.

Ashmin actually rallied against this invention before, but I tend to think that your nails deserve some pampering.

What do you think? Did you find some even more innovative nail tools to try this year? Tell me all about them on Twitter or Instagram!

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