Finnish Beauty 101: A Quick Chat With Supermood Founder Anne Kukkohovi

Finnish Beauty 101: A Quick Chat With Supermood Founder Anne Kukkohovi

While there are certain cultures that get a lot of electronic ink across the web, it is pretty rare to hear any chatter about Finnish beauty.

In order to change this, we approached former model and Finnish entrepreneur—and founder of holistic, natural beauty brand Supermood—Anne Kukkohovi.

She was kind enough to give us a quick run-down on Finnish beauty. Nauttia!

Can you give us a few examples of a few "beautiful" actresses and models?

I have always found it kind of difficult to separate beauty form charisma. At this age, I find strong and chrarismatic people really beautiful and very rarely it is something artificial or “looks-related”. And the most beautiful people I know are not celebrities.

But I do find – perhaps opposite to my own looks – sultry and mystical women very intriguing. Alicia Vikander, Léa Seydoux, Rooney Mara…I feel they have a x-factor, which has something to do with sensuality/sexuality and not necessarily looks.

If you have famous parents or fancy surname, you may get into international spotlight, but I don’t necessarily feel these people are automatically beautiful. You need to have something enchanting in your eyes or the way you carry yourself. 

What products do most Finnish women have in their makeup cabinets?

Finnish women are generally very practical and spend surprisingly little money on cosmetics or on their looks overall (that’s why Supermood has been aiming global from the day one actually).

But I'd say moisturizer due to the harsher weather here and lipstick.We also believe in fresh air, pure lake water, fresh forest berries and the magic of saunas.

Are there any Finnish sayings about beauty that you think non-Finns should familiarize themselves with?

Finns are extremely sensible and equal in all aspects; sex, age, status...and that makes values very important – and also true – for us. There are no double standards or hidden meanings.

We are what we say and we keep our promise almost to the funny extent. So Finnish people also tend to be practical about beauty matters.

But we carry a strong message in our culture; anyone can take care of themselves, since everything you need is already in you.

You can improve your life quality, make better choices, do something about the things that makes you worried or unhappy. Being beautiful is in your personality. There is one saying that is my favourite, I'll try to translate it as it is: True beauty is purity. 

What do you think beauty actually is?

Of course I agree with everything I already wrote. Beauty comes from within, in the end.

Being a good person to everybody around you also means being kind to yourself! Very important! I don’t support being too humble, you need to stand up for yourself since nobody will do it for you!

If you feel good, you also want to look like the best version of yourself. You want to eat well, evaluate your life and pamper yourself with the beauty products you deserve. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

As the world is getting smaller, being Finnish is part of our DNA, but is not our main message.

Of course, it is weird that Nordic countries have so few success stories in the beauty industry. So, just wait, we will make an exception and bring the world of pure and holistic beauty to everybody!

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