Five Exfoliators That You Should Be Reaching For

Five Exfoliators That You Should Be Reaching For

There’s no better feeling than baby soft skin, am I right? Finding the right exfoliator can help even the roughest of skin achieve that, but there are so many out there it’s hard to know which one to pick! Do you choose a gel, something with beads or little grains in them? There are literally so many choices out there that it is hard to know what will get the job done right.

It’s important to note that not all exfoliators are created equal, and not all work best for certain skin types. Here’s a breakdown of my top five picks for any skin type:

Boscia's Exfoliating Peel Gel

The first time I used this, I was over the moon. Unlike many exfoliators on the market, this peel is a gentle exfoliator with no physical grains or bits in it. It is a physical peel to remove dead skin cells and chemical peel for deep exfoliation. It leaves your skin baby soft and even helps with brightening. The way this works best for me is to use my regular cleaner first and make sure my skin is very dry before I apply the peel gel. Works wonders. 

OLEHENRIKSEN's Walnut Complexion Scrub

Here’s what I love about this bad boy, it makes your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. This gentle, yet effective, exfoliator is the answer to my smooth skin prayers. It’s moisturizing, soothing and oh so pampering. Those who use apricot scrubs will love this. Also, please stop using apricot scrubs! It’s not good for healthy skin! Throw it away.

Peter Thomas Roth's Strawberry Enzyme Polishing Scrub

If you love strawberries, you’ll love this sweet scrub. It helps with smoothing your skin, of course, but it also helps with evening out your complexion and is perfect for those gals who have problematic skin. It’s like the scrub equivalent of coconut oil. Uneven tone? SEPS. (that’s what we are gonna call it) Aging skin? SEPS. You got a problem? SEPS is gonna take care of that. Best part? It’s natural, baby!

Lush CosmeticsDark Angels Scrub

Lush Cosmetics '  Dark Angels Scrub   ($12.95 - $31.95)

Lush CosmeticsDark Angels Scrub ($12.95 - $31.95)

My obsession with this scrub is unreal. I go to the same Lush location, for the most part, and they know what I typically stop in for, a new bath bomb, or this bangin’ exfoliator. Its primary ingredients are black sugar and charcoal for get that super gentle but deep clean and helps to control that oil hon’ay! Highly recommended for you ladies out there struggling with controlling excess oil production. Plus it deep cleans to keep that face fresh and flawless!

Tatcha's Classic Rice Exfoliating Powder

This baby right here is so so lovely. It’s like being exfoliated by angel wings. I love how versatile this powder is, as well.

I like to add it as a booster to my regular cream cleanser, or I create a paste with it by simply adding water and scrubbing away. It may feel like basically nothing because of how powdery soft it is, but don’t be fooled. Once you rinse, bright and glowing skin is revealed and you can’t help but touch your face all day and all night long. 

Exfoliate away, beauties!

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