From Bleached Blonde To Dark Brown: A Henna & Indigo Hair Journey

From Bleached Blonde To Dark Brown: A Henna & Indigo Hair Journey

Are you ready for a stroll down recent-hair-nonsense road?

Because it's happening! 

Before my saga began, I tried to do a bit of research on using henna over blonde hair to try to get back to a dark brown/black shade. I stumbled upon so many articles on sites that were also selling henna and/or indigo mixes, which made me slightly suspicious of their various claims/"success stories".

So, figured I'd throw my experience out there too. 

The Starting Point

Sloppy shot, but whatever! It was actually much lighter in the back than it appears to be here.

I put a boxed henna over this and...You would not believe how bright red it was. Oh and it was even more...florescent after 48 hours. 

Hennaed again the next day, I believe.

A Bit Of Brown (Adding Indigo Into The Mix)

Then, I tried a brown boxed "henna" dye from the store. It was a mix of henna and indigo that promised to take me to, as the label stated, "brun". The results were...not ideal.

But I was on a mission, so I powered through, knowing that this was just an unfortunate step of my journey. Can you even imagine how horrific and green it would have been if I hadn't done a red base first?! Oof.

Another batch of "brun"...

"Noir" Attempt Number One

I had eagerly scooped up a boxed "noir" dye from the supermarket; it was another henna and indigo mix, presumably with a slightly higher ratio of the latter. The results were okay;  chocolate brown-borderline black hair.

(Not long after, I decided to use up the rest of a Lush's "Caca Noir" bar I had been given, though this was simply because I didn't want it to go to waste. Didn't have too much impact either way, besides a bit of a conditioning boost, and washed out insanely quickly, in my opinion...)


Lush 's  "Caca Noir"   (£10.95/325g)

Lush's "Caca Noir" (£10.95/325g)

The Two-Step Indigo Process

About a month later, I chose to apply another batch of henna and indigo, but I opted to order supposedly 100% packets of henna and indigo leaves online, rather than buying a pre-mixed product.

I then hennaed (leaving a bit of that for the next day to toss in with the indigo). And the following morning, I plopped a 3-to-1 ratio of indigo-to-henna gunk on for as many hours as I could stand.


I'm pretty lazy about this. Was planning on doing a two-step (henna and then mixing a bit of the activated henna from that application with indigo and smearing it all on the next day) every month, but I haven't done so since early-November and my hair hasn't actually faded too, too much? It looks less rich in certain lights, but it is definitely still very much a dark brown.

Going to do it again in the next few days though, so if you'd like me to document this on video, I totally can.

Use my code "RainbowMountainFlowerCandyPantsXOXORidiculous" over on for zero percent off because I'm just being cranky.

Take It From Me: Tips On Going From Blonde To Dark Brown Hair With Henna & Indigo

Take It From Me: Tips On Going From Blonde To Dark Brown Hair With Henna & Indigo

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