Get The Look: Rihanna In "Work"

Get The Look: Rihanna In "Work"

Rihanna's latest album ANTI has taken over music charts and the radio—and Rihanna's makeup choices have taken over my heart. But I fell stumbled especially quickly into head-over-heels love with her sultry, radiant look in the second part of the "Work" music video. Take a peek at the video if you haven't already:

Her whole look was based on purple tones, which is my go-to makeup color, so obviously, I had to figure out how to do it on myself. Brace yourself for a time-consuming makeup journey, lovelies.

Step One: Prep, Bake & Contour

Rihanna’s face is flawless and dewy, so prep your face really well. For this look, I tried my hand at baking (which Sophia can tell you all about) for that porcelain matte look.

Then I contoured* to give my face a little more depth and really bring out my cheek bones.

Step Two: Eyes

This is the funnest part! I started off with a base shade, using a light, link pink from bareMinerals all over my eyelid. I then applied the light shimmery purple shade from e.l.f. Cosmetics' Cool 71565 Eyeshadow Palette all over my eyelid as well. 

Next, I used the shimmery pinkish-purple shade from Makeover Essentials' Mystic Eyes palette on the outside half of my life. I also popped a bit of the brown shade in my creases to add some depth.

  Makeover Essentials '  Mystic Eyes Palette   ($34.99 but is currently on sale for $21.00)

 Makeover EssentialsMystic Eyes Palette ($34.99 but is currently on sale for $21.00)

On the outside "third" of the creases, I added the darkest shade of purple from the aformentioned e.l.f palette.

To give a bit of a smokey effect, I applied a glowy pearl hue in a "c" shape on the outside third of my eyelids and on top of my brow bone for an extra highlight.

I also used NYX Cosmetics' Super Skinny Eye Marker to draw very thin wings starting from the middle of my eyelid. Instead of reaching for my usual waterline eyelined, I amplified my waterline with a blended combination of the two pearl pink colored eyeshadows that I had used on my eyelids.

Next, I curled by lashes and then applied a touch of COVERGIRL's The Super Sizer By LashBlast Mascara.


Don’t worry, we’re almost done with all this work, work, work!

Step Three: Lips

I prepped my lips with Maybelline's Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm prior to lining them with a brownish-pink lip pencil.

Since Rihanna’s lips in this video are kind of a mix of brown, pink, and purple, I ended up opting for NYX Cosmetics' Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Covet. Then I added a swipe of Smashbox Cosmetics' Vivid Violet to complete the look. A dot of highlighter on my bottom lip and I was ready to go!

Share any and all thoughts with me about this (or other things) on Twitter.

 *Just so you know, a contouring tutorial from yours truly is on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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