Glitzy Nails: The Perfect Holiday Accessory

Glitzy Nails: The Perfect Holiday Accessory

The holiday season is coming up, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and all of the holiday soirees in between. The two things I love most about the holiday season is 1) DIY everything and 2) the social acceptability to be covered in glitter.

Glistening cocktail dresses, shoes, jewelry, home decor, cosmetics and anything else really.

Where too much glitter could once be seen as tacky, during the holiday season it is considered fun and festive to look like a walking, talking, sparkling winter wonderland.

My favorite way to make sure I’m always wearing some holiday cheer is to have glitzy nails 24/7 throughout the month of December. Silvers, golds, reds, greens and icy blues are all fabulous color choices for a holiday mani.  Here are a few of the best polishes I’ve seen for the holiday season, take inspiration and think about adding these to your stocking stuffer wish list. 

ILNP's Nostalgia (H)

ILNP 's  Nostalgia (H)   ($12.50)

ILNP's Nostalgia (H) ($12.50)

This is the perfect shade if you’re looking for some holiday inspired shades that a stunningly gorgeous, but a little more on the mature side. This shade shifts between red, gold and green and contains some subtly gorgeous sparkles, adding holiday cheer without sacrificing elegance.

Dollish Polish's Jimmy Don't Let Em' Burn Me

Dollish Polish’s SCROOGED 2016 Holiday/Winter Collection is full of winners for glitzy holiday polishes. But the one that has really caught my eye is “Jimmy Don’t Let Em' Burn Me!” It is the epitome of holiday sparkle. 

This gorgeous polish is packed with tons of silver sparkles, but also includes some added rainbow sparkle that makes it look like glistening confetti. It reminds me of New Year’s Eve in a bottle.

Pretty & Polished's Obligatory Christmas Polish

The name speaks for itself; this is literally the perfect polish to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This polish has a white base with small gold glitter and chunky red and green glitter which gives an adorable Christmas-esque polka dot effect.

 While the other two would be the perfect stocking stuffers to use year round, I definitely recommend grabbing this one ASAP and wearing it in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

These were just some of the gorgeous polish shades that these companies had to offer. I definitely suggest checking out the rest and don’t forget to show small businesses some love this holiday season! 

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