Guiding Light: TheEveryRose's Kayleigh Jackson

Guiding Light: TheEveryRose's Kayleigh Jackson

Kayleigh Jackson is very, very, very passionate about cruelty-free beauty and she details her product explorations (and more) over on her exceptionally sleek and stunning site, TheEveryRose.

We are happy to share that we recently had a chat with this inspiring woman. Go ahead and take notes, lovelies.

How did you land on the name "The Every Rose"? It's lovely.

I have always been a fan of the saying ‘every rose has its thorn’ and I felt I could apply this to the beauty industry and my passion for cruelty-free. As if to say, they make things look beautiful on the outside but we don’t really know whats going on underneath or inside. So a rose may look pretty, but it has a thorn - much like the beauty industry! 

What led to you develop such a burning passion for natural beauty?

I suffered for years, and still do, with sensitive skin. And I have spent so much money on all the top brands which claim to be perfect for sensitive skin suffers - like Simple, Clinique etc. - and one day I decided to research what was actually inside these. It was then I realized they, along with hundreds of others, test their products really cruelly on animals. And I immediately began looking at other beauty products to introduce to my life that are not only good for me, but good for animals and the environment. Nature gives us everything we need for beauty! 

Are there any way-underrated brands that you think everyone should know about?

SO MANY! I could go on forever. Liz Earle does such beautiful products, their Skin Tonic is a favorite of mine. Evolve Beauty and Indigenous Beauty are two new brands I have recently been introduced do. They hand-make their products in the UK...their products are so gorgeous I want everyone to know about them!

Another is Saturated Colour, who I am always raving about, as their lipsticks are just beautiful. and also The Salt Parlour (again, local to the UK) who make beautiful salt scrubs which contain 100% natural ingredients; my skin feels like heaven after using them. And two AMAZING natural mascaras I am loving right now from PHB Ethical Beauty and Ere Perez - suitable for vegans too. Told you there were many. Haha.

Tell us about your top three all-time favorite product picks.

1. The Salt Parlour Lime & Avocado ENERGISE Salt & Sulphur Scrub
2. Indigenous Beauty Uplifting Sweet Orange & Grapefruit Natural Deodorant Cream
3. Liz Earle Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic

Anything else you'd like to add?

Just to encourage people to take a second look into what they are actually putting onto their skin and into their bodies. I would encourage anybody to switch to natural beauty. It may not always be as fancy but not all the big brands are what they seem and you would be shocked to know how some products are made! 

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