Hair Colors That I’m Dying To Try

Hair Colors That I’m Dying To Try

I’ve been having so much fun with out-there hair lately.  I’ve done a DIY: Oil Slick Hair tutorial, green hair, purple hair and have fawned over the yellows in Shadie’s 5 People Who Are Changing My Stance On Yellow Hair Dye, but there are still a few hair colors that I am still dying to try. Here are my top three.

1. Silver-White


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@Jaclynhill recently posted this stellar silvery white hair snap and I couldn’t contain my excitement.  My #1 hair color that I absolutely adore/would love to try out is silvery white hair. I find it so striking and it looks especially great on those who are super fair-skinned. For everyone in love with Jaclyn’s usual vibrant red color, you’ll be relieved to know that she was just having fun with some wig experimentation. Still a great source of inspiration though!

2. Rose-Gold

Cotton Candy💕🎀

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Rose gold hair is another look that I’ve been obsessed with for a long. long time. It is typically a gorgeous light pink mixed with golden-y blonde tones. Very unique and colorful without being overwhelming, you know? My favorite example of this lust-worthy lock hue comes from @michellehair

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t necessarily flatter my skin tone and dark features so I’ll probably be sitting this gorgeous hair color trend out. It's still fun to pretend though.

3. Rainbow Pastel

I would LOVE to try any pastel hair color—or, better yet, a swirl of pastel hair colors—and this pastel rainbow hair by @nealmhair is making me want to actually buckle up and make this happen. 

I’ve already done DIY oil slick hair, which is a good start if you want to achieve a multi-color hair masterpiece like this, but I personally lack the skills needed to lighten my hair to the shade necessary for a look like this.  If you don’t naturally have super blonde hair, I would highly recommend seeing a professional for lightening to this level.

If you are lucky enough to have naturally light hair, I would suggest Manic® Mixer/Pastel-izer® Classic Cream Formula which makes any of Manic Panic's super intense vibrant shades a little daintier (like the colors shown above). 

Dyeing (get it?) to chime in with your must-try hair color choices? Let's rendezvous on Twitter.

Cotton Candy Dreaming

Cotton Candy Dreaming

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