Heart & Soul: TΔMΔNU Oil Lab's Jeannine Sanchez

Heart & Soul: TΔMΔNU Oil Lab's Jeannine Sanchez

Concoctions from TΔMΔNU Oil Lab are receiving rave reviews from beauty lovers around the world (including our very own Juliette) which is why we felt it both vital and important to sit down and chat with the brand's founder, Jeannine.

How do you define "beauty"?

Beauty is something that comes from within us. It's in our eyes, heart and soul…it something we feel.

Beauty comes from gratitude; the more gratitude I express, the more beauty I see in the world around me. There is beauty in every living creature on this earth.

We love how positive and uplifting the roots of your company are! What words do you strive to live by, both inside and outside of the business realm?

I love to love each day in being present in the moment and with gratitude for each and every moment. My mantra is, “beauty of the soul promotes beauty of the mind, which promotes beauty of the flesh".

How exactly did you come to discover the magic that is tamanu oil?  

I was on a trip to the south pacific with my brother who suffers from terrible eczema. We stumbled on this rare oil that we had never ever heard of and he tried it out on his skin. And we were utterly amazed by the results.

He had tried "everything" without success and this seems to begin healing his skin immediately. 

At that moment, I knew I had something special to share with the world.

What is your all-time favorite skincare/beauty tip?

I like to wash my face with oil. Yes, I use tamanu oil to wash my face! I simply apply it before I go into the shower and then use a warm, wet cloth to wipe the oil and dirt away, It's fantastic for your skin. Try this out and you may never use soap again! 

Can you clue us into what is next for you?

I am really excited about expanding my line of tamanu blends and also creating some new
products. I’d like to create a line tailored for men’s skin, beard and hair care.

I would also like to expand into the mommy and baby "realm". It would be amazing to be able to be a part of the special moments between moms and their new baby—and tamanu is just the way to do this with love and care!

Anything else you'd like to add?

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to share my views, I love helping and answering questions!

If anyone has any questions or feedback, please always feel free to contact me directly at info@tamanuoillab.com with any wellness concerns. 


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