Hey, Hey: The Lovely Niki Crow

Hey, Hey: The Lovely Niki Crow

Niki Crow is an exquisitely bubbly beauty YouTube guru whose videos inspire and inform. Since we are so endlessly entertained by her cosmetic creativity, we decided to chat with her about a few choice topics.

What is the most important lesson you have learned since you delved into the beauty realm?

Be confident in yourself and your style. Not everyone will like a new look you try out and on the internet, people are not afraid to be harsh about not liking your style. But you can't let that get to you. Just be happy and confident in yourself and your look. If you think you look awesome, you do! The most beautiful thing about your look is confidence! 

Your hair is magnificent. Have any magical tress-transforming tips up your sleeve?

Biotin chews! I eat one of NeoCell™'s Beauty Bursts biotin chews every day! They are delicious and really makes your hair look amazing! I also am a strong believer in only washing your hair every other or every third day. Shampoos, for the most part, have ingredients that can damage your hair and that may cause build up on your scalp, so try to go for a more natural alternative and/or reduce how often you wash your hair.

Oh and instead of curling your hair everyday, try pinning your hair for an hour or two after curling it to make the curls last days without hairspray. If you're big on straightening. try to use a product that will help keep your hair sleek and straight like argan oil or other essential oils. Hot tools are damaging so try to limit it! 

How do you handle negativity?

I just laugh it off. Whether it's in-person or online. Making a joke of a negative comment gives you power over your haters. Try not to take any negative comment to heart. Most haters just hate themselves and are so bored with their own sad lives that they need to make others feel as bad as they do. Don't get upset or attack that person! Just be funny and lighthearted or ignore it and move on. 

Can you tell us about your favorite makeup look of all time? 

I love, love, love Studio Sellma's makeup looks ! I hope one day I can get my makeup done by her or her team! I also really love most of all the makeup looks I try out ! When I do my makeup, I always try something new and I try to create someone different so I'm ever changing day-to-day.

Lately, I've been trying out a lot of vintage looks and it makes you feel like a completely new person. It's hard to explain, but looking like a 1950's lady makes you see the world differently; it even makes you walk and talk differently.

My whole personality changes based on how I do my makeup that day. Most of the time, I look back at my makeup looks and see flaws but it's still great because then I know how and where I need to improve my technique! 

Anything else that you'd like to add?

Just be yourself and be confident! The only person's opinion that matters is your own! If you love your style, others will love it too! 

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#lovelieriehalloffame: hairbymisskellyo's Color Shine

#lovelieriehalloffame: hairbymisskellyo's Color Shine

Beauty Dip: 8/5-8/12

Beauty Dip: 8/5-8/12