How To Vacation With Just Five Makeup Items

How To Vacation With Just Five Makeup Items

Traveling is always a bit of a process and the last thing you want to think about you jet off to a relaxing get-away is which beauty items you can live without while you’re away from home. 

Well, here is how I travel with just five beauty items. These work for everything from a natural glowing look to a nearly full face of makeup.

1. Moisturizer

Bringing a moisturizer is a MUST while you’re traveling. Changes in temperature and air quality can be hard on your skin while you’re away. 

I personally love the Eucerin Daily Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizing Face Lotion. It’s nourishing and also has SPF 30, just in case you’re traveling to somewhere super sunny.

2. Concealer

I typically don’t travel with a bottle of foundation.  I bring my NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer for some under-eye circles and blemish touch-ups. 

If my skin happens to freak out while I’m away, I’ll mix a dab of the concealer in with my moisturizer for a DIY and SPF-happy foundation.

My dry skin can get away with being left as-is—unless it’s somewhere SUPER hot out— but you may need to sneak in an extra item with some pressed powder or oil blotting sheets in your makeup bag if you get a little oily throughout the day.

3. A Multipurpose Palette

The Estee EditsGlow Face + Eye Palette from the Gritty & Glow set is the most wonderful travel palette! With this one palette you get 2 highlighters, 2 deeper bronzy shades and 2 pink blush shades; all of which can double as eyeshadows. 

I love a shimmery glow for summer vacations and this palette allows me to create both subdued ANND dramatic looks.

If you don’t like shimmer you may want to find a different travel palette like the Limited-Edition Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette from Tarte

4. Dual Purpose Mascara

A wet formula mascara is a beauty fiend's (dual purpose) best friend while traveling.

Use this as per usual to add length and volume to your lashes, but also bring a small eyeliner brush to use your mascara as an eyeliner.

Simply glide the eyeliner brush across the mascara wand to pick up product and line your lids!

5. A Red (or Berry) Lip Color

Some people find red scary, but I find that it’s so versatile, especially while traveling.  Apply lightly and dab with your finger for a popsicle-kissed pink color or put it on full strength if you want a dramatic statement lip.

If you’re intimidated by red, no worries, a nice berry is a beautiful substitution. 

When it comes to traveling, less is definitely more! So tap into your inner minimalist and see if you can travel with only 5 cosmetic items the next time you travel.

Make sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming article on five looks you can make with these travel makeup essentials.

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