In A Pinch: Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

In A Pinch: Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Okay, Halloween is RIGHT around the corner and if you don't have a costume planned out yet, you're probably feeling a little stressed. Take a deep breath though, because I have rounded up a few super-last-minute ideas that won't look like they were super-last-minute ideas.

1. A Scarecrow

Not really a "scare"-crow, since this is actually adorable. but this look from YouTuber It's Linds!(a.k.a @mualindsay) is great for procrastinators. All you’d really need is a couple lipsticks and an eyeliner to get this cute, yet creepy scarecrow vibe. You can dress it up-or down any way you’d like too, so it’s pretty versatile. 

Oh and don't miss this makeup enthusiast's skeleton face tutorial since it's a pretty solid back-up plan.

2. A Deer

Are you a deer caught in the headlights when it comes to thinking up a Halloween look? Here’s an easy Bambi-inspired look that you could totally pull off last minute! @itanurkhasanah’s look only requires some black and white eyeliners and a bit of bronzer—and I bet you have all that in your makeup bag already!

3. A Dead Nurse

Can you be a nurse when you’re already dead? Apparently MissSaydiLady/@missaydi can! This corpse-meets-nurse might look a little more challenging, but in reality, it’s basically just a powdered-to death-face, smoky eyes and deep red lipstick on the lips and under the eyes. And don’t forget the bruisings! You can do that with some red, black and purple eyeshadow. Remember to use matte; bruises don’t generally glitter. But hey, anything goes on Halloween. If you need a step-by-step though, Saydi put together a tutorial.

4. A Butterfly Skull

Butterfly Skull. Halloween is just around the corner😏 #Halloween16

A photo posted by Golden Eye Makeup ( on

I don't know about you, but when I was little, I loved getting my face painted at carnivals and amusement parks. Why not do what did and give a little twist to the butterfly face paint you had at your 6th birthday party? It’s really pretty with just the right amount of spooky! You can use eyeliners and face paint to create this look, so no excuses.

5. Tri-Eyed

Keep all your wits about you on Halloween night with a @rmperki-inspired third eye look. I seriously think this look is beautiful. You can really glam up your (regular) eyes and add the third one using eyeliners or face paints. 

You're welcome, lovelies! And if you want more approved-by-yours-truly Halloween inspiration, check out 5 Halloween Makeup Looks That Deserve Your Undivided Attention.


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