In Beauty Bloom: workingwithmonolids' Francesca

In Beauty Bloom: workingwithmonolids' Francesca

Workingwithmonolids is a delightfully witty beauty blog run by an unsurprisingly delightfully witty woman named Francesca (whose Instagram bio declares "Of course I'm a feminist" which we adore).

Impressed by this increasingly popular cosmetic crafter, we decided to dive right into a discussion with her.

What is it about makeup that interests you so much?

I get bored easily so I like being able to wear tons of colours, glitters and more. Oh and crazy make up is still more acceptable at work than coming in with circa-1850s crinoline and pineapples in my hair. I'm slowly easing in my co-workers though...I think the pineapples can come in sometime around Q1 2017. 

Bold eye makeup looks seems to be your forte! How do you decide what type of "look" to create next?

Usually, it's just seeing what I grab out of my makeup drawer when I'm still half-asleep and rolling with it. Sometimes, I get requests from people who like a certain eye look but don't know how to modify it for their eyes and that makes things way easier for me. 

If you could only use five beauty products for the rest of your life, which products would you pick and why?

I guess my experiment showed that under-eye concealers are my best beauty investment, so I guess I'd go with that. We're only talking about makeup right? If it's just makeup, then the other 4 would be: fake lashes, lash glue, eyeshadow, eyeliner. I like doing my eyes and often forget about the rest of my face.

If it includes all beauty products, then it's: sunscreen, Vitamin C serum, sheet masks, hyaluronic acid moisturizers. I'm kind of crazy about skincare. My dermatologist knows I'm nuts. 

You recently explored the way that makeup can impact how one is perceived. Are you planning on doing any other "experiments" in the near future?

Definitely! There were a number of criticisms about that experiment and some are valid, so I hope I can address them next. I definitely wasn't and am not planning to write a scholarly article worth publishing in a Sociology journal (my old Soc profs would kill me if I seriously thought this experiment was Sociology journal-level), but I'd like to address as many concerns as possible!

We love that you make it a point to get to know/interact with your readers! Any "favorite" fan stories you want to share?

My husband thinks I'm crazy because I can spend an entire Sunday just replying to every comment and he told me I won't be able to do that when my account gets even bigger. I'm stubborn, so I told him he's wrong and I really, really hope I don't have to admit I'm the one who's wrong. 

Oh and there are so many fun stories. I think my favourite was one young girl who was genuinely confused and had to ask me where my crease was. There's also the girl who asked me if she was actually Asian because she had heavily hooded eyes that hid her crease. I had to reassure her she wasn't switched at birth and Caucasians can have hooded eyes (check out Jennifer Lawrence!). 

Anything else you'd like to add?

I'm very open to chatting! Via Reddit, DM's, Snapchat—seriously, I'm stuck in 2-4 hours of traffic every day thanks to living in Jakarta, so I get really lonely. 

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