Just Like That: Heba El Kaissy

Just Like That: Heba El Kaissy

Heba El Kaissy is a Dubai-based makeup artist whose skills are absolutely aspirational.

Eager to glean a few pointers, we chatted with her about her cosmetic roots, her signature makeup "look" and much more.

What was the very first time that you realized that you were interested in cosmetics?

Well, I have always had it in me even before I realized it myself. It came by so easily that it actually took me sometime to identify it as a talent. I thought that what I had was only normal but the women around me made me realize that it was not at all the norm and it was a pure gift.

As early as 14 years old, I used to spend all my money on makeup products and skincare lines. To everyone's surprise, I knew how and when to use them perfectly without anyone's guidance. 

You have sooooo many brilliant beauty tips up your sleeve! How do you acquire this type of knowledge?

Everything comes by with experience and practice. All the tips I write are either stuff I have tried accidentally, or even read about somewhere. In some cases, there are tips that I completely improvised and they worked pretty well too.

Tell us about your signature makeup "thing".

My everyday signature look would be flawless BB cream, strobing with a highlighter on the high points of my face, pink lips and a black winged liner. Filling in my eyebrows in a natural way is something I would never skip too. 

"The Kit" is such a terrific name for a beauty company! How'd you come up with it?

When I first started, I was dreaming big. I wanted a name that encompasses every aspect of the industry: Beauty, Skincare, Grooming, Tips, Tricks, Makeup Courses and a product line (in the future). Trying hard to think of a name that has all this under its umbrella and still be easy/simple to remember made me think of "The Kit."

Who are your beauty idols?

Penelope Cruz, Olivia Palermo and Audrey Hepburn. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

Always dream big because the most powerful types of dreams are those that you live when you are wide awake and not those that you have when you're sound asleep. 

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