Kelp Time: More Must-Try Skincare Products

Kelp Time: More Must-Try Skincare Products

Veronica recently rounded up some stellar kelp products. Well, I figured that you can always use more superb product picks in your beauty cabinet, so here are a few more!

1. BodyBeeWell Organic Healing Kelp Face Cream

Okay, this is TERRIFIC for those of us with sensitive skin. It also smooths out blemishes and bumps. 

2. Sheris' Soaps N Such Lemongrass & Kelp Coconut Milk Soap

Lovely-smelling soaps are the business. Honestly. Anyway, in addition to kelp, this hand-made goodie boasts coconut oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, shea butter, coconut milk, distilled water, lye, castor oil and lemongrass essential oil. All perfect for pampering.

3. Aadya Ayurveda Kelp + Rosewater Facial Toner

Confession time—I stopped being diligent about using toner a while back. I find so many of them to be extremely drying, even when they don't contain alcohol. But this kelp and rosewater concoction has both witch hazel and herbal extracts. Serene.

4. Angela The Apothecary Organic Seaweed Clay Mask

Okay, so this does smell a bit earthy, but it... kind of is. The ingredient list includes organic kelp, organic bladderwrack, organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, bentonite and kaolin clays. Damn, right?

5. Naturally Beautiful Skincare's Natural Foundation

I'm a sucker for multi-purpose, natural makeup items; I still use the Orishacosmetic Organic Rosewood Concealer every single day. So, this foundation delights me to no end. It heals skin while disguising problems. 

6. Holiskin Chocolate Seaweed Facial Mask

You know how I feel about chocolate, right? But even I must admit that it can work wonders for your skin. This purifies and smooths. Incredibly well too.

Kelp away.


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