Lime Green Eyeshadow: A Pretty Pop

Lime Green Eyeshadow: A Pretty Pop

Summertime is practically upon us and one of my favorite beauty tricks is to add a super easy pop of color to my makeup after work. Personally, I adore lime green because it really complements my hazel colored eyes but you can really do these methods with any fun shade!

I can get these looks accomplished in 5 minutes flat, with my everyday makeup as a base.

So, here are three fun ideas that you can do to transform your daytime makeup to a summertime look, perfect for enjoying poolside pina coladas.

1. Green Apple Pop

This inner corner pop method takes 30 seconds, if I start from my everyday makeup look. From scratch? You can begin any of the three looks with a cream colored eyeshadow on the lid, an orange-y brown blended in the crease, black winged liner and mascara.

To make the look more fun, I’ll grab the Bitzy Electric Eyeliner.

I couple this with the two green shades shown above in the Morphe 35B Palette (discontinued on their site, but you can still find it other places or just use any green shades you may have).  

lime green two..jpg

I smudge the eyeliner all over the inner corner of my eye and then blur it inward with my finger. Super sloppy works here, so no need to be precise. To keep it from moving around in the summer heat and make it look blended, I lock it in place with my two bright green eyeshadow shades. I like to mix both shades on a brush and then press the shadow on top of the liner, then blend it inwards with a clean fluffy brush, so it blends seamlessly into my cream colored shadow on the lid.

2. Toxic Undereye Smoke

I am a big fan of smoking out the undereye area with lime green. I apply the same lime green liner to the lower lash line as a base and then start to blend it out with the darker shade of green.

This gets the color closest to the eye really opaque, so it makes your eye color stand out. After that, I take the lighter shimmery green shade and I smoke out the bottom liner even further down.


While it doesn’t look like I have THAT much green on, I actually smoked my eyeliner halfway down my bottom eyelid. I also brought the color all the way up past my winged liner and toward the corner of my brow, but you can definitely keep it strictly to the bottom lash line if you want something more subtle.

3. Electric Wing

This is my go-to, because you can really adjust just how much of an impact you get, based on the thickness of the colored liner.  I start by creating a larger wing with the lime green liner. (You want this a little bigger than usual, so that you can fit the black winged liner inside the green.)

Make sure that you put the green eyeshadow on top of the liner before you apply the black wing. This will help make sure you get a nice smooth surface to apply the black on, otherwise it may get a little chunky.

It can be subtle enough for daytime, especially if you do it with a less vibrant color, like blue or purple. But personally, I prefer the lime green for summertime.  

If you have fun ways of adding a pop that I didn’t mention, I’d love for you to tag me @lovelie_miranda on Instagram so I can try out your methods!

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