#lovelieriehalloffame: A Post-Academy Awards Recap

#lovelieriehalloffame: A Post-Academy Awards Recap

While we are all still collectively cringing over that La La Land snafu (you know the one, it's all anyone is talking about today), we wanted to take a moment to highlight our favorite makeup looks from the 89th Academy Awards ceremony.

1. Viola Davis

Sleek and sophisticated, Viola's makeup artist kept it relatively simple, opting for a glowy gorgeous look. Great bangs too.

2. Priyanka Chopra

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Another demure, delightful look! Of course, she is naturally stunning, so it's not like her cosmetic team had to pile on the products, you know?

3. Taraji P. Henson

Taraji is a master at keeping all eyes on her, which is probably why we are watching this clip over and over. She's so fun! And her makeup last night was elegant and flattering. We approve!

4. Kirsten Dunst

Chic much? God, we love this look on Kirsten. So happy that the Dior Instagram posted this snap, by the way.

5. Hailee Steinfeld

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Hailee looked divinely glamorous, without veering into "over-the-top"-ness. Shine-kissed skin, smoky eyes and pretty pink lips. Yup, it's perfect. Oh and that nail polish is beautiful, even if she is most likely getting paid to shill it.

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