Makeup Artists You Should Know: Priya Akhaney

Makeup Artists You Should Know: Priya Akhaney

We recently found ourselves on Mumbai-based makeup artist Priya Akhaney's Instagram page and, after seeing picture after picture of her clients' makeup looks (especially the shots of the brides she has worked on!), we knew that we owed it to the world to spread the word about this cosmetic mastermind.

And to get as many pointers from her as possible. Obviously.

You have done a lot of super beautiful makeup looks on brides. What is the number one lesson you have learned from working on stressed out, frazzled clients?

I think the number one lesson is to not be stressed yourself. You know your work is good and just be confident and go with the flow. I try to calm everything down and remind them to trust me and that I will give them an amazing look. This tactic can also be applied to those who are struggling to apply their own makeup in hectic scenarios.

Do you have any beauty mantras that you try to live by?

The one beauty mantra I live by is "Less is more".  Be it your daily beauty routine or makeup application, don't try to do too many things at once.

Which current hair and makeup trends are you not a fan of?

I'm not a very big fan of the 'big hair' that a lot of makeup artists from the UK and Pakistan go for. I just don't think it looks very good or flattering on everyone.

For makeup, I don't like when people use red lipstick to try to cover under eye circles and bags. You're just adding in more layers of concealer and foundation to cover that up!  It is much better to just use a well-chosen color corrector and concealer. 

What is your daily beauty routine like?

I have very sensitive, acne-prone, oily skin, so I use a tea tree oil-based face wash which keeps the oil under control before dabbing on an oil-free moisturizer. 

I have also made it a habit to make rose water ice cubes and to use these on my face every day. I'm pretty no-fuss, so I just put on a little foundation and some eyeliner/kohl with a lip creme (love matte lipsticks!) and I'm good to go!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Don't try to be like—or look like—someone else. Just be yourself. You're beautiful as is.

And to aspiring makeup artists, hard work is key. Do your absolute best work on every single client and you are bound to be successful.  My biggest personal inspiration is Tamanna Roashan from Dress Your Face and every day I do what I can to ensure that I someday will get to that level.


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