Makeup Don'ts: Job Interview Edition

Makeup Don'ts: Job Interview Edition

I’m all for there being no rules when it comes to makeup and fashion, but sometimes the ability to tone things down and present yourself for a specific occasion can go a long way....and job interviews are totally one of them. 

Here are 4 don’ts to think about before any upcoming job interviews.

1. Crazy Nails

I love crazy nails! Different lengths, shapes, colors and bling can be so fun. For job interviews though, it's a bit of a different story. When you're going for professionalism, nails that scream personality may not be your best bet.

The interviews is about what you can do for the company and what the company can do for you. Instead, opt for classic shapes and colors for your next job interview. You can always go wild with them again once you snag that offer!

2. Out-There Hair

I have definitely had some out there hair in the past. I’ve done oil slick hair, green glow in the dark hair, teal hair and I'm currently on red hair. 

My advice if you just have to rock an out-there hair shade would be to do one like rose gold, dark deep red or a blue black; either something very subtle or a color that is very deep and near a black or saturated jewel town. Gorgeous shades that are all slightly more office-appropriate.

3. Spider Eyelashes & Caterpillar Eyebrows

Job interview makeup should be classic and chic. While I know it's super hard to change things you do every single day, like eye lashes and eyebrows, try to tone it down for job interviews. 

Do more of a "five minute makeup challenge" sort of look than a full glam one. Stay away from overly filled in eyebrows and definitely say no to falsies for that interview!

4. Super Bright Lip Shades

Statement lips are probably not the way to go, for the exact same reason as the crazy nails. Even more so because they're front and center on your face. Stick with pretty pinks, mauve or nude lips.

Good luck & happy job hunting!

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