Makeup-Weather-Match: Snowy Pearl Eyeshadows

Makeup-Weather-Match: Snowy Pearl Eyeshadows

As it gets increasingly chilly outside, I’m not-so-subtly reminded of the upcoming frigid winter.  I’m fairly certain I’ve gone from a tank top to a wool coat in the span of a week—and let me tell you, my face is having none of that jolting shift in weather.

But with the cold weather comes more opportunities to stay indoors and experiment with makeup, of course! And what better way to do that then by re-creating the snowy landscape on your eyes?  

Even if you’re not experiencing the cold (so jealous!), you can still evoke the spirit of the season with these fab snowy eyeshadows.

1. Geek Chic CosmeticsKingslayer

Kingslayer by Geek Chic Cosmetics is a Game of Thrones fan's dream come true. This snowy gold shadow is your one-way ticket to looking divine—you can even use it as a highlighter to add some icing to your cheeks and browbone. Take a look at Rainbow Moon Heart Ache for another sparkling white hue and check out the rest of their crazy but colorful shadow collections!

2. Sugarpill Cosmetics’ Grand Tiara

Sugarpill Cosmetics’ Grand Tiara is exactly what you want if brilliantly-pigmented, shimmering shadows are your thing. It’s basically like wearing a crown on your eyes! For a frosty white with a hint of blue shimmer, go take a peek at Ice Angel.

3. BftE CosmeticsCrystal

If you want to mimic a fresh layer of ice on your lids, Crystal by BftE Cosmetics is your go-to shade. With tons of glitter and sheen, you’ll be the coolest person on the block (pun intended). Since it’s a loose shadow, why not try mixing it with blushes and lip balms for added shimmer? While you’re at it, pop over and admire BftE’s shimmery highlighters and sparkling blushes.

4  Fyrinnae's Winter, Again

Fyrinnae 's  Winter, Again   ($6.75)

Winter, Again by Fyrinnae is the perfect shadow loose powder to give you a soft kiss of frost on your lids! It’s buildable, so you can choose to use it as a slight highlight or add a second layer to create the ultimate winter wonderland. 

Plus, its blue hue is also the perfect complement to darker shades and pinks!  For more shimmery white-gold delightful-ness, Sled Puppies is your next choice—and take a look at their interesting blush colors.

Ice up and make me proud out there.

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