Matte Foundation VS. Dewy Foundation

Matte Foundation VS. Dewy Foundation

When trying to pick a foundation, most people focus on the type of skin they have. People with oily skin tend to pick matte foundation over dewy and people with dry skin usually go in the other direction.

But what about those of us with combination skin? In my opinion, we can get away with either. However, I wanted to know what my choice would be if I had to pick just one type of foundation to stick with for the near future (you know, kind of like what Shadie did with braid styles in Double French Braids VS. Single Fishtail Braids: A Play-By-Play), which is why I dove into the depths of Instagram to find some evidence to make my decision.



The woman behind Rose Gold Standard shows off her before and after look and, in the process, showcases that matte foundation is the right choice for a night out and a perfect base for an elegant look. It also allows her eyes to be the focus of her look.


This look is just exquisite. While the bold red lips and the dramatic eye makeup are pretty stand-alone stellar, the matte foundation really pulls the whole glamorous look together. Just look at how smooth and shine-free her face looks! One word: perfect.



I might actually be in love with this super cute, natural look. "Soft and glowy" is definitely the only way to describe it. Her foundation lets the light to reflect beautifully on her face. Love it!


My favorite thing about dewy foundation is how natural it looks. It’s the perfect choice when trying to achieve a “no makeup” look, while still providing coverage and evening out the skin tone (i.e this look from YouTuber Diahnet Santos).

My Verdict:

Okay. I realize now I should have gone over my decision-making skills before I signed up for this. The truth is I think each type of foundation has its perks and I love how they look on the lovely ladies above.

So, my choice will be made based on what I think would CURRENTLY look best on me. And that would have to be matte foundation. I’m just almost always looking for that smooth, porcelain-like vibe that only matte can provide. I do promise to keep you all updated if I change my mind (which I am known to do.)

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my decision on Twitter and Instagram.

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