Mineral Sunscreens To Try This Summer

Mineral Sunscreens To Try This Summer

To be absolutely honest, I’ve never been a picky person when it came to my sunscreen selection process. And to continue my confessing things streak, I don't wear sunscreen enough. Jamelia would not be happy with me.

So when I first started delving into mineral sunscreens as a concept, I learned a lot very quickly.

Mineral sunscreens—unlike normal/classic sunscreens that absorb sunrays before dissipating them—contain mineral or “physical” active ingredients that reflect UVA and UVB rays away from your skin.

Source:  Coola

Source: Coola

Some ingredients to stay away from?

·         Retinyl Palmitate (or retin-anything)

·         Oxybenzone

·         Octinoxate /Octyl Methoxycinnamate

·         Too much titanium dioxide/zinc oxide–but only if you don’t want to look like a walking ghost costume at the beach!

This piece by Christine Lennon from the Wall Street Journal can shed more light on these ingredients, but using her advice as a guide and my personal criteria, I came up with a list of three mineral sunscreens that you should consider trying out this summer.

1. Jersey Shore CosmeticsAnti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 35

I actually love this brand for their other amazing natural and moisturizing products, so I was not surprised at all to see that they make a pretty promising sunscreen too.

This product is for the face, apparently containing anti-aging ingredients and also no titanium dioxide to reduce that white cast. Not many people have talked about this product, but I have personally liked this brand and would definitely give this sunscreen a shot.

The only downside is that it’s $40… probably not in the budget of most sunscreen buyers but I’m super interested to see if it’s really worth it.

2. Vanicream's Vanicream™ Sunscreen SPF 50+

Vanicream 's  Vanicream™ Sunscreen SPF 50+    (price varies by retailer)

Vanicream's Vanicream™ Sunscreen SPF 50+  (price varies by retailer)

Another EWG-list product, this Vanicream sunscreen also features relatively low ratios of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It’s a pharmaceutical product for those with sensitive skin and also want to enjoy an active lifestyle, staying water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

It’s definitely not the type of product that has cute packaging or appealing marketing ads, but hey, if it’s effective, I’m happy to try it. You can pick this up from Walgreens for $17.99.

3. Mustela's SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen Lotion

This Mustela product avoids the aforementioned “bad” ingredients, contains relatively low proportions of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and hits the SPF 50+ range. It’s a thick formula that is also gentle on sensitive skin. It looks like it’s designed specifically for younger children, but adults say they love it too!

Get to slathering, beauties!

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