Mirror Nails: Flashy, Flashy Fun

Mirror Nails: Flashy, Flashy Fun

I’ll go ahead and assume nails are something you’re interested in, since you’ve clicked on this article and all. I’m also going to assume that you like shiny things because, well who doesn’t?

It’s no surprise that these two things have collided in the most splendid way, but I’m definitely no less excited about it! The name is pretty straightforward but if you need to make super sure, mirror nails (or chrome nails) are nails with a reflective surface that can be achieved through nail polish, nail wraps, and, of course, press-on nails.

However, here is one in-motion look at some mirror nails that were created using a seemingly magical powder from Nails 21. Intriguing, right?

Whatever method you use, you’ll have your own mini mirrors that will reflect just how awesome you are. And if you don’t believe me, here are five shining examples—puns are fun—of how fantastic mirror/chrome nails can be.

1. @daily_charme

I am genuinely embarrassed of how many times I re-watched this. The gorgeous peach base seems kind of quirky at first, but the end result left me totally convinced. While this is sort-of an ad for their powder, I'm still really hoping to end up with nails like these someday, somehow.

2. @naileditstudios

These glimmering nails look AMAZING and totally live up to their name. Also, I love this other set of chrome nails that this salon did so I think that they are a pretty solid source for future nail inspiration on this specific front.

3. @lucky_nail_art

Just to reiterate, mirror nails don’t always have to be silver! This rosy set is pretty, unique and VERY dramatic. I also like that you could hypothetically touch up your makeup if you stared into these intently enough.

4. @bioseaweedgel

These are pretty oil-slick-ish (which Miranda would probably love, judging by her recent oil slick hair adventure, which she chronicled in Do-It-Yourself: Oil Slick Hair). They are also incredibly alluring.

5. @gorettisnaglar

Have you ever wished that your nails looked like you’ve just dipped them in gold? Because if you haven't wished that before, you certainly will be wishing it now. These are so cool. 

I might just have to invest in some chrome nail polish, (or even a powder too because it just looks really fun to use.) If you’re thinking of trying mirror nails, or if you’ve done so already, make sure you show off via Instagram or Twitter because the more shiny things I get to look at, the better. 

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