My Current Hair Crushes

My Current Hair Crushes

People who have great hair are blessed. Many of us try for hours a day to achieve that effortless look and spend an insane amount of money of this pursuit, as a few of my fellow lovelierie ladies proved a while ago, but others just possess the innate knowledge—and the good genes—necessary for seemingly natural lovely locks. Someday, I too will hopefully achieve “Hair Goddess” status…but until then I'm content with just swooning over my current hair crushes. Join me!

1.   @tatianashair

Um, hello…is this not perfection?! This cut and color (presumably) by Tatiana features a very darling pink color and hair-heart detailing. Perfect for these hot summer months, no?

And you're going to want to head over to Tatiana's Insta for more excellent hair inspo—it's totally worth every click it takes to get there. Which is like, two, but whatever.

2.  @amandasteele

first test shoot 🤗✨

A photo posted by Amanda Steele (@amandasteele) on

Okay, I have to admit I'm more than a little jealous of Amanda. Not only is she just a few weeks shy of her 17th birthday, but she's gorgeous and insanely cool to boot.

Luckily, she shares her beauty secrets with us on her YouTube channel, so it is possible that with diligent practice, we might be able to pick up some of her pizzazz. But no matter what her style is, her hair ALWAYS looks terrific. And before she took the brunette plunge, she was rocking a grey-platinum hue (before that shade was everywhere, by the way) which was also pretty inspirational.

3. @leeshia_bestfraaaand

Crowned in my curls 👑

A photo posted by Izzy Gladden👑 (@itizqueenizzy) on

While I know my hair will never look this bouncily beautiful, Izzy’s curls will always have my heart. Continue gracing us all with your gorgeous hair, Izzy. 

Still in hair heaven over here, but I will see you again soon!

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