My Ride-Or-Die Lipstick Shades

My Ride-Or-Die Lipstick Shades

I am a self-confessed lipstick addict. Far too much of my money goes to buying new shades, but we all need to have that perfect color to complete our look, right?

Usually, I can be strong and avoid the makeup aisle when I’m out shopping. But despite my resolution to steer clear of the cosmetics area, I do have a few particular lipstick weaknesses. You know, the ones that pull you in like a tractor beam? But they’re comforting, I know the color will look good, I know they’re worth my money and I know I’ll never stop buying them.

Here are my weaknesses, the products I will be buying for life (and possibly beyond).

Revlon's Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick™ In Black Cherry

This lipstick is hands-down my number one pick. I love this lipstick. It’s well pigmented, long lasting and actually makes my lips feel softer!

My signature shade is Black Cherry because it’s a nice dark shade that works year-round with my style, not to mention it looks good on almost every skin tone.

If tinted balm is more your thing, I also suggest checking out Revlon’s Matte Balms. They are super affordable at just under $7 a pop and work just as well as one of the brand's lipsticks. Oh and did I mention that they carry a stellar bright purple too? Because they do and I think that Jamelia would love this shade, if her previous preferences are any indication. 

Covergirl's Colorlicious Oh Sugar! Balm

I am in love with this balm. It leaves the lips glossy and stays on FOREVER! I’m a huge fan of the ease of application, the moisturizing and all of the colors that are available in this collection.

I tend to reach for these on lazy-days when I’m looking to swipe on a color and go or if I want a low maintenance date-night look. While I like all of the color options (really), I'm partial to the light pinks in this case. So, yeah, this is definitely destined to be a lifetime buy for me.

Lime Crime's Unicorn Lipstick

Super bold lipstick lovers unite! This line from Lime Crime—which was actually also mentioned as a favorite by Melissa Thyden in an interview she did with us a few weeks ago—has a really impressive assortment of loud and unusual colors. 

As you may have gleaned from reading Why I Am Going Gaga Over Glossy Glitter Lip, I'm way into very "out there" lip looks, which perhaps explains why I am such a devotee of this beauty brand's offerings, especially Mint To Be (pictured above).

Shower me with YOUR ride-or-die lipstick choices by shouting them into the black hole of Twitter. Just kidding, share them with our entire editorial team @lovelierie.

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