Nail Envy: Olympics 2016 Edition

Nail Envy: Olympics 2016 Edition

On the heels of the 2016 Olympics, I went ahead and rounded up the most glorious themed nails (because here at lovelierie we are ALL about themes) from a few of the very many amazing athletes that came to play at Rio. 

1. @benechi

#olympicnails #Italiateam #roadtorio 💅🏾

A photo posted by Mariabenedicta Chigbolu (@benechi) on

Mariabenedicta Chigbolu repped team Italia on her fingertips with the beautiful stripes of red, green and white! And check out the cute Olympic ring symbol on her thumb! Just adorable. 

2. @evahovenkamp

Team Netherlands track and field player Eva Hovenkamp nails features intricate asymmetrical lines and colors. Very over-the-top and spectacular. And don't even get me started on that ring!

3. @gudistock

Olympia-nails are ready! 😊😊 #rionails#olympicnails#schwarzrotgold🇩🇪

A photo posted by Gudi Stock (@gudistock) on

Gudi Stock—a cyclist for Team Germany—paired patriotic colors with gold sparkly nails. Oh and an Olympic rings accent nail...sensing a theme here. Anyway, despite its simplicity, this one is super stellar.

4. @arschmitty

Nails on fleek for camp 🏊🙌💥💯 thanks to @lovethisnailgirl #usa #sparkle #letsgooooo

A photo posted by Allison Schmitt ❤️ (@arschmitty) on

Team USA freestyle swimmer Allison Schmitt shows her spirit with multiple small designs on her nails. It's pretty damn impressive that "Rio 2016" managed to be squeezed onto one nail and the American flag elements are suppppper fun.       

That’s a wrap of my top favorites nail designs from Rio 2016 Olympians. Oh and major props to each and every athlete that competed.

PS:  It was so inspiring to see so many female athletes finally getting their due (despite some iffy media coverage in some cases), right? #GirlPower. 

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