Natural Falsies: Tips & Tricks From A Lash Queen

Natural Falsies: Tips & Tricks From A Lash Queen

My younger sister Natalie has what I’ll call “natural falsies.” This sounds like a contradiction, but basically what it means is that the universe blessed her with eyelashes that are so long, so full and so utterly perfect that you’ll think she had to have paid for them. To everyone’s amazement, however, they’re totally natural. Unfair, I know!

Anyway, once she started wearing mascara, they stood out even more. Since then, her natural inclination has been to rock what she’s got, doing what she can to enhance one of her best features as much as possible.

So, I decided to ask her how she manages her big, blooming lashes, imploring her to share her secrets with the world on how she keeps them looking full, long, healthy and awesome. To our benefit, she obliged.

Here are Natalie’s tips and tricks for how to get natural falsies.

 Tip #1: Don Eyeliner On The Upper Waterline 

“First I use a simple black eyeliner and then fill in my upper water line to give the look of more volume."

Tip # 2: Use A Mascara Primer

 “I use Benefit's they're real! tinted primer to keep my lashes as healthy as possible.”

This is a great tip! Mascara can dry out your lashes over time and make them more prone to breaking off. I’ve had this happen, and trust me, it’s not fun. Primer helps prevent this.

Tip #3: "Cocktail" Mascaras

“After that, I'll use a couple different mascaras (cocktailing) so that I can have length and volume.” An awesome idea! Different mascaras specialize in either volume or length, so why not use different types to get both effects?

Tip #4: Reach For The Baby Powder

“After a few coats of your favorite mascaras, put some baby powder on your lashes and let it sit for about 30 seconds… It coats your eyelashes and stays, giving you a long-lasting look of volume.”

I’ve tried this and it really does work! As Natalie puts it, “Baby powder is your best friend when it comes to big, beautiful, movie star lashes.”

Tip #5: Use Vaseline

…As a make up remover while you wait, “since there's a pretty good chance mascara got where it wasn't supposed to be.”

Tip #6: Add Even More Coats!

Once the baby powder dries, Natalie reapplies her mascaras. “Don't neglect the back of your lashes!:

Tip #7: Utilize A Notecard

“Use a notecard or any small hard surface and hold it against your eyelid while applying mascara to avoid the inevitable mascara smears all over your lid.”

Dang, sis, when did you get so smart?!

Tip #8: Opt For Strategic Eyeliner

“Take your eyeliner and draw a small line on the base of your lashes. This adds to the appearance of volume. After that, I like to add a small line under my bottom lashes too, but that's optional. The eyeliner will tangle up your lashes, so make sure you have an eyelash separator of some sort (I use one of my empty mascara brushes) to make them all nice and perfect again.”

Economic. I like it.

Tip #9: “Prepare Yourself For The Compliments!”

Because, trust us, they’re a-comin’.

I hope these lash secrets prove helpful! And a big shout out to my little sis for the interview; be sure to check her out on Instagram. Now get out there and bat those lashes, lovelies! 

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