Next Up: Fluide's Isabella Giancarlo

Next Up: Fluide's Isabella Giancarlo

Fluide is a bringing "a collection of colorful, cruelty-free makeup for all gender expressions, gender identities and skin tones". And their beauty buys are beyond gorgeous!

We chatted with their founder, Isabella Giancarlo and ended up covering so many topics!

p/c:  Helga Traxler  for Fluide

p/c: Helga Traxler for Fluide

We love that your brand puts your money where your mouth is. How did the decision to donate a portion of profits to LGBTQ organizations initially come about?

Fluide originated from a place of love — for our LGBTQ community, for the inspiring work and activism of trans and gender nonconforming individuals, for the parents and other allies supporting kids and teens facing discrimination and bullying for their gender presentation—and from our inception, we knew we wanted giving to be central to the company.

Have you had to deal with any negative reactions thus far? People can be pretty small-minded and hateful, sadly enough.

We’ve received a ton of supportive and affirming feedback since the launch, which can be so energizing, given the challenges of starting a company and making a go of it. So, we are incredibly grateful to all of the people who have reached out on social media or via email and expressed their excitement about Fluide.

We’ve had a handful of haters and some negative reactions, but I think it speaks more to the power and importance of what we’re doing. Isn’t there a saying that goes: “If you have haters, you must be doing something right”? I believe in that school of thought.

"Fluide" is such a perfect name! How long did it take to come up with/land on this?

Gah! Thanks. Naming the company was difficult not only because we wanted to be creative and original while conveying some aspect of our mission, but also because it is so difficult to secure both a trademark and a domain name. We still have challenges ahead of us in this regard, so stay tuned as our name may need to evolve.

Okay, on a fluffier note, what lipstick hue do you wear way too often?

My personal faves are Q-Train and Ginger’s. I love an almost naked face, glossy eyelids (Kevyn Ausoin’s Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss is pure magic) and a coat of Q-Train. It’s my ideal "queer alien" aesthetic. I never thought a blue could be so universally flattering and feel almost “natural,” but somehow it is.

Fluide 's  Q-Train   ($16)  p/c: Fluide

Fluide's Q-Train ($16) p/c: Fluide

Ginger’s is this perfect orangey-red (it hits a bit more orange than red, which makes it feel like a fresh take on a classic). It’s warm, bright, inviting--and because it’s so pigmented, it only takes one coat to do the trick.

Both shades look great on a wide variety of skin colors, which makes them my go-to gifts for just about anyone.

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