Oh-La-La: Lilac Lips

Oh-La-La: Lilac Lips

When it comes to makeup looks or trends, Instagram is one of my go-to places for inspiration. It's definitely a terrific source when you’re iffy about something or just want to see what’s new. I’ve been seeing shades of lilac going around and it's actually cute! Here are a few of my favorites so far.

1. @tinahalada

You might already know Tina Halada from her YouTube channel. Anyway, these soft lilac lips are a prettily pale stone shade. The matching eyeshadow is also top-notch.

2. @ambermdean

Amber Dean wears an electric purple lip that makes her lips pop. You could definitely spot her in a crowd with this bright lilac shade!

3. @luminarra

I'm getting so many good vibes from this quirky and adorable look! Like Tina's lilac lipstick, this hue is more muted and I love it. Bonus points for the kickass accessorizing here, of course. 

4. @cicimystyle

Another one of my favorites! This YouTuber is a purple goddess from another world, or at least that’s what I'm sensing from her chrome-hinted lilac lips. To top it off, her hair and wing work is on another level. 

5. @naonaudia

NaoNaudiaa has flawless skin and hair. She's such a stunner! Here, her colored waterline pairs perfectly with her bold lips, proving that you can double up on brightness without looking insane.

6. @elbonyxdenaya

Yes, another YouTube beauty guru! Elbony Denaya is absolutely stunning. I love the shade of purple she chose. It’s a magenta color that compliments her eyeshadow rather than overpowering her look.  

Ready to embrace purple powered pouts? Hop over to Jamelia's Purple Lips Galore: 3 Gloriously Fantastic Shades I Am Currently Coveting for a few starter options.

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