Out Of This World: Beauty Crusader @lilmoonchildd

Out Of This World: Beauty Crusader @lilmoonchildd

Yasaman Gheidi is a phenomenally talented Vancouver-based visual artist. She is also a fearless beauty crusader who tries out new makeup, fashion and hair looks on the regular and—luckily for the world—showcases these on her Instagram.

Inspired by her adventurous spirit, we chatted with this bubbly artist about her definition of beauty, the perks and the pitfalls of being self-taught and more.

You obviously love playing around with different hair and makeup looks! What first sparked this adoration for beauty explorations?

I have been fascinated with makeup and fashion since I was a little girl. My parents wouldn’t allow me to play with makeup which only fueled my desire to explore it. Makeup was a forbidden treasure that I yearned to discover.

One year my aunt and uncle took notice of my fascination with makeup and gave me a beauty set suitable for children as a gift. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received and from that day forward I was creating new looks and hairstyles on anyone that was brave enough to let me.  

The fact that you are self-taught is pretty surprising! How has this impacted your style aesthetic?

Thank you! Being self-taught has been both challenging and extremely rewarding. I was never taught the correct way to use brushes or what colors work well together so I taught myself through exploration.

I started playing with everything, which has led me to create some crazy makeup looks that I may not have discovered if I had been provided with more rules. Makeup was a whole new world that I could define – it was and still is my playground. 

Who do you look to for beauty pointers/inspiration?

Since I began sharing my makeup adventure on Instagram I have discovered so many inspiring individuals, both professionally trained and self-taught. I’m thankful to be part of such an active Instagram community; it is often these individuals that keep me on my creative toes. I am continually drawn towards individuals who are usually regarded as weird – the creative types that never let society tell them what beautiful is.

Growing up I have always loved people that were true to their authentic selves such as Kat Von D, Lady Gaga, RuPaul, Jeffree Star and Gwen Stefani. 

Coming up with cool color combinations seems like it just might be your secret super power. Which colors will you never stop reaching for (both in your makeup palettes and in your work)?

As you can probably tell from my Instagram and my new hair color, I’m absolutely loving the lime green and neon yellow pairing.  I also love lime green with dark purple! It’s the perfect amount of pop! I gravitate towards brighter palettes so these three shades will always be already in hand or within arm’s distance.  

How do you define beauty?

In its simplest form, beauty is when someone is brave enough to be her/himself. It doesn’t matter if you shave all your hair off, you wear a hijab, don’t wear any makeup, or wear lots of bright colors like I do.

I find it really beautiful when someone refuses to conform and instead stands up for her/himself; that’s true beauty. Even more important than outer beauty is what is inside a person. That is where compassion, kindness, love and thoughtfulness grows. All the concealer in the world won’t cover an ugly heart. 

We are always on the lookout for application secrets and your makeup is always perfect. How do you do it?

I love sharing tips and tricks with others so I’ll leave you with three that have helped me along my journey:

1. Use some sort of primer before application of any eyeshadow. 

2. Use the proper brush for what you’re trying to achieve. 

3. Take your time and have fun! Try not to get discouraged if something doesn’t turn out how you were planning. Every mistake or stumble is a brand new creation and that’s how many new looks come to see the light of day.

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