Peachy Pink Hair: A Roundup

Peachy Pink Hair: A Roundup

Peachy pink hair is bright and fun. It is a blend of orange and pink (obviously) and, in some cases, it is more pigmented in one shade or the other.

Sooo, on this very note, I have found some beautiful peach hair inspiration via Instagram to fawn over.

1. @spamm44

Sam brought her client's hair to life with this vibrant coral peachy color! I am also in love with the soft waves and the crown braid.

2. @lindacrush

Peach Hair 🍑♡

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This soft pink peach color is divine. DIVINE. Keeping this one stored away for future reference.

3. @ghostinthe.chell

This braid is beautiful and Michelle has created a dazzling blend of pale bright pink and a sunset orange color. I also adore that the roots of her hair are bright. 

4. @indigohulkko

Feels like this knowing i dont have to work tonight 🙌

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This look is hyper-interesting and the peachy hue in play here doesn't lessen the impact of the overall aesthetic one bit. Oh and I now know that clip-in dreads are a thing, thanks to DAY OF THE DREADS. What a world, eh?

Take the peach leap, lovelies!

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#FollowFriday: Olivya Nora

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