Pierced Nails: Nay, Yay Or Ouch?

Pierced Nails: Nay, Yay Or Ouch?

Kim Kardashian-West has pierced nails, so I know your clandestine KUWTK-bingeing-obsessively-tapping-her-snap stories-frantically-flipping-through-every-trashy-tabloid-you-can-get-your-hands-on-though-you-maintain-a-disinterested-disdainful-air-regarding-the-Kardashian-family-self wants to try them. Right now. And why not?

Trying new nail trends is always super fun. This one may sound strange. Pierced nails? Like, how does that even work? That was my reaction when I first saw them.

Surprisingly, it’s a fairly easy procedure. You can even do it at-home using a lighter and a needle—though I’ve never done it, so if you ruin your nails, don’t tell your mom I told you to do this. Actually don't do it at home. Go to a salon. No lawsuits, please!

Basically, based on the sturdiness of your natural nail, or using false nails, a small hole will be drilled into the nail so a stud or charm can go in. It’s totally painless. Is it functional? Say goodbye to eating finger foods, texting, writing, etc., but people seem to be powering through. 

Anyway, here are some of my faves (that still allow use of your fingers)!

1. @mrkatedotcom

I love how pierced nails look, but I am a little wary, to be completely honest. So for scaredy cats like myself, I would go with something like this from Mr. Kate for my first time. Just one finger, very simple. I like how this looks because the neutral shade of nail polish and the silver rings create a very classy look! 

2. @drea5283

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I think this is really cute. It’s still quite simple, but the double studs, as opposed to rings, give it a little bit of edge. 

3. @nail_unistella

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This reminds me of a charm bracelet! If you want something a little more blingy, this could be a cool style to try. Chunky charms that spell out your name? Very cool!

Oh and look at these. Serious stuff, no? Make no mistake, Unistella is a nail art genius.

4. @dcnbm

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These take pierced nails to the next step, and I am in love. Every nail is pierced, but it looks really nice because the nails are clear. It looks super stylish and elegant and will totally go with any outfit.

5. @i_nailed_it

This look shows that if you’re a lover of vibrant colors and different textures, you can absolutely still ace the pierced nail look. 

I know there’s a lot of debate over whether pierced nails are cute or tacky, but I think they can definitely add something good to your look if done well. Just make sure nothing gets caught in your sweater and yanked out!

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