Pioneer: Premae's Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

Pioneer: Premae's Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe's long list of accomplishments and awards are almost unbelievable; and she recently received royal recognition from Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, really. 

As the founder of Premae, she tackles challenges and changes with admirable poise. Of course, we jumped for joy at the chance to chat with her. 

You are quite the trailblazer! What drives you to succeed? 

Success is everyone's birthright. Along the way, we learn behaviours and thoughts that separate us from our natural state which is complete happiness, abundance and peace. When I am in my flow, I create ideas and execute them without any shadow of doubt that they will come to fruition. I meditate on that and avoid distractions (people, places, songs, news); anything that will cause me to become unfocused. 

How do you maneuver challenges?

Challenges are exciting and a time for learning.

As you navigate business, you learn that you are constantly in the state of apprenticeship, striving to master each section of business. A challenge pops up and most people will use this as an excuse to quit. A true entrepreneur will wipe the sweat from her brow and think, "Okay, here we go!" and dive right into solving the problem. Looking at it from all angles and trying to find the easiest, cheapest, quickest or most productive solution to overcome this issue. And then smile once the challenge has been solved.

These experiences strengthen your craft and help you stay focused on making sure you don't repeat them. 

Experiencing allergy issues first-hand presumably played a part in motivating you to launch Premae. Why do you think so many companies continue to ignore the growing number of consumers who have similar struggles?

Absolutely. It's simple, if no-one at the top of those beauty companies, usually older men don't see that this is a problem, it will not filter down into the company culture or ethos. Also, the consumer doesn't mind spending money on ineffective products.

Through marketing, the major beauty companies can convince people to want products that do nothing for them. Buying products are is about tapping into emotion, feeling, not logic and need.

So for me, it has been about building a credible brand so the consumer trusts us. Now, we'll be tapping to the emotional buying habits of consumers so we give them the best of both worlds; highly effective products and emotional connectivity. 

Shameless plug time! Can you tell us which products of yours is/are your absolute favorite?

All of them! I visit my site everyday and think , "I would buy everything on here." But my "day ones" are Harmony Balancing Face Wash, Harmony Essense Water TonerHarmony Matte Sheen Balm and Harmony Serum. My foundation shade is 13, Sweet Date.

All foundations are named after my favorite alkaline smoothie ingredients like chia, maca, moringa, ginger for every woman. Premae is a pioneer of inclusivity and diversity. We have always championed all races and skin types. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

Yes, it is possible to become a Premae partner! We also publish a quarterly magazine/ catalogue. Currently, we have 10 writers and are looking for more in lifestyle, travel, food expert and relationship coach plus relevant healthy brands for advertorials. Get in touch if you're interested!

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