Pluck With Precision Using La-Tweez

Pluck With Precision Using La-Tweez

Tweezers are perhaps the most underrated yet necessary beauty accessories. Unlike makeup brushes or sponges, you usually only need one pair of tweezers in your arsenal to get by. They sit quietly in bathroom shelves or tucked away in travel bags until it’s time to pluck baby brow hairs or apply falsies.

Despite the fact that someone’s daily routine may not involve a pair of tweezers, when the time comes, functional and quality tweezers are a must for perfect brows. You don’t want to end up picking and damaging at your skin due to a dull pair.

This is precisely why I jumped at the chance to try a professional, luxury tweezer from La-tweez. Super grateful for having had the chance to try these out!

My first impression immediately after taking them out of the box is that they’re very beautifully crafted. I was lucky enough to receive their Red Pro Illuminating Tweezer, which actually matches my current hair color! 

They’re very sturdy, made with stainless steel and etched with a delicate design on the sides. The people who came up with this cosmetic marvel definitely thought of everything, as it includes a built-in LED light to assist you in unearthing every little single hair and a carrying case, which includes a mirror, to tweeze in any setting!

The professional illuminating tweezers include…

·      A built-in LED light, which is switched on and off with a Swarovski crystal button

·      Stainless steel construction, with “diamond dust tips” for extra precision and grip

·      A neat travel-sized case with a built-in magnifying mirror

No stray hair will be left behind with this little number. The LED light is amazingly bright; even more illuminating than some flashlights that I’ve owned.

That being said, I do want to say that it can actually be too bright and it ends up being difficult not to look directly at this light since you’re tweezing an area that is very close to your eyes. My advice would be to not spend prolonged periods of time tweezing your eyebrows, as your eyes can get very tired or dazed from the LED light.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the “diamond dust”. At first, I thought it might have been just another frill, but upon closer inspection I realized that the dust gives the tool a sanded texture, which creates a stronger grip.

The tips are also very sharply sculpted, which is great for precision but also a bit dangerous if you’re not careful.

The most pressing problem I have with this beauty buy is that I can’t find any instructions on the box or online in regards to what to do if the lights burns out! Perhaps the life expectancy of these tweezers is until this happens, but at $32 a pop, I can’t be the only one who thought that the bulb and or battery should be able to be replaced? Sadly, I suppose nothing lasts forever, but I can tell that these tweezers will hold up for quite some time.

Overall, these tweezers are of superb, premium quality that definitely shines a spotlight on your target tweeze-zone! A lot of thought and care went into the design of this tool, from the functionality to the aesthetic pleasure.

Although the price is a bit steeper, I absolutely think all the bells and whistles make La-tweez a worthy adversary to Tweezerman products.

All in all, I'm very pleased with these.

#FollowFriday: Erica Fernandes

#FollowFriday: Erica Fernandes

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