Pocketbook-Happy Pampering: The $20 Spa Day Challenge

Pocketbook-Happy Pampering: The $20 Spa Day Challenge

I love beauty challenges! So, I thought that I would combine my love of challenges with my desire to have a super relaxing spa day at home and do the whole thing for $20 or less. Why not, right?

Here are the beauty items that I was able to snag for $20:

Brown Sugar


Olive Oil

Miss Spa® Restore and Brighten 24k Gold Radiance Mask 

Dr Teal's® Epsom Salt Milk Bath

Bobby Pins

A bit of an odd mix, I'll admit, but this assortment of products will provide you with a whole day's worth of glamming!

Brown sugar, olive oil and honey may seem more like a recipe than a beauty treatment, but I’m actually going to transform these into two super easy and affordable, spa-worthy DIYs.

First, a simple mixture of sugar and olive oil is perfect for making a body, face and lip scrub. Start with a ¼ cup of sugar and add a tablespoon of olive oil at a time, until you get your desired consistency. Then, scrub gently and rinse off for a deliciously easy way to soften skin.

Oh and you plan to follow this up with a sugar waxing session (and you should!), don't get too nuts with the scrubbing, especially on and around the areas that you intend to sugar wax.

Sugar, honey and water are the only ingredients that you need for at-home sugar wax. There are plenty of places online that you can find recipes to make DIY sugar wax, but you’ll simply mix the three ingredients together and boil on the stove. Stir constantly and every once in a while, drip some of the mixture into a glass of cool water. When the drop becomes a squishy ball that you can roll between your fingers, it's done! Wait for it to cool and you’re ready to get to it.

I also love setting curls when I have some extra time to treat myself. Use a hot curling iron or wet your hair to make curls. Re-roll the curls around your fingers and set the shape in place with bobby pins. Letting the curls set and cool completely without the interference from gravity will make them last a few days!

Next. I’ll fill up the bathtub with some hot water and Dr Teal's® Milk & Honey Epsom Salt for a relaxing soak.

Dr Teal's®  Epsom Salt Milk Bath  (  ≈ $3) -   Via Target

Dr Teal's® Epsom Salt Milk Bath$3) - Via Target

I adore anything milk & honey scented, but Dr Teal’s also has other options too. I’ll pop on my holy grail drugstore skincare item—the Miss Spa® Restore and Brighten 24k Gold Radiance Mask—and relax.

You can even get ultra-fancy with it and cut up some cucumbers for your eyes. The mask is super luxurious, smells lovely and makes my skin feel ridiculously soft and smooth. If you’re looking for a mask to do a few hours before an event, this is the one because you’ll be glowing all day!

If you try the $20 spa day challenge, I’d love for you to tag me @lovelie_miranda and @lovelierie, so I can test out YOUR spa day recommendations too!

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#FollowFriday: Hauwa Sami

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