Potion Power: Violet Botanical Skincare's Robbin Turner

Potion Power: Violet Botanical Skincare's Robbin Turner

Violet Botanical is impressing many across the beauty sphere (including our very own Nicole) with their creative take on skincare.

So, we were obviously very, very excited to chat with its founder, Robbin! 


How (and why) did you land on the name "Violet Botanical Skincare"? 

Violet Botanical Skincare pays homage to the heritage and culture of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and queens. Violet symbolizes royalty and the first recorded king is Egyptian. Violet also intertwines the past and present. In ancient Egypt, flowers were an important aspect of daily life. Today, Egypt is one of the main cultivators of violets.

Recreating recipes from way back when is so creative! What is this process like?

When I’m recreating these ancient formulas, I mentally transport myself back to ancient Egypt. First I read a book or articles about an Egyptian queen or pharaoh. I envision his/her flower gardens, which were significant in daily Egyptian life, and what fragrances the aromatherapist would choose to compliment the queen or pharaoh. I also think about the exotic botanical plants that were brought back from expeditions to distant lands.

As soon as I’m completely immersed in this world, I begin to choose essential oils that fit in my imagined scenario. I keep in mind that ancient Egyptians love subtle, sophisticated scents.

I experiment with essential oil blends until I get the right notes I want to highlight. I let the blends sit, open up, and play well together. This takes weeks.

Once I feel I’m onto something, I conduct ‘blind’ smell tests. When I arrive at the aroma I’m seeking, I test it in the products. Sometimes the ingredients change the aroma of a blend. If this happens I continue to tweak the blend until the desired aroma is achieved in the products.

Okay, which products of yours are you must proud of?

I am most proud of the body butter. It was the first product I made to help nourish and moisturize my husband and son’s dry skin. When the appearance of their skin took on a healthy glow, I was excited.

I began to test the butters on family and friends. When they reported the positive change in appearance in their skin, I did my ‘happy’ dance.

We love that you package your goodies so beautifully! Are you were into the design component of managing your brand?

Thank you for your appreciation of our packaging design.

I am involved 100% in every step of managing my brand. The brand is very personal to me. It’s a part of my heritage that I unknowingly learned from my maternal grandmother. She always made ‘concoctions’ for our ailments. As a young girl, I called them, “old wives concoctions.” Although they cured our ailments, I didn’t appreciate the value of her southern upbringing and what was passed down to her from her ancestors.

Every aspect of the brand also has a cultural purpose and significance. Sometimes it’s hard for others to grasp the essence, flavor, and soul of another culture. Therefore, I felt it was important that I lead the way in the design components.

That being said, I don’t want to take all of the credit. I worked closely with my husband, who is an illustrator, on the design components. I explained the feel I wanted to achieve and he worked diligently until we arrived at our current design.

Any "must-share" beauty tips to spill?

My must-share beauty tips are: keep your skincare routine simple. When your skincare routine is simple, you’re more likely to stick with it.

For example, if you know you’re not going to stick with a 7-step routine, don’t start it. It’s a recipe for failure. Consistency is the key to any successful skincare routine.

Secondly, I advocate eating clean, living clean, and working out 5 days per week. Often, people comment on my clear skin. They ask what’s my secret. There’s no secret. I nourish and take care of the inside; therefore, I’m rewarded on the outside.

♢ ♢ ♢ 

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