Princess of Aranbi: Jaw-Dropper Louise Chantál

Princess of Aranbi: Jaw-Dropper Louise Chantál

An eye for aesthetics, a killer sense of style and a truly marvelous voice are just a few of the things that are causing people to take note of Louise Chantál.

And with a lot of projects on the horizon—including the release of a new EP/album—this uber-lovely songstress is clearly on the fast-track to super stardom. 

Eager to chat about all things beauty with Louise, we sat down with her for a short no-holds-barred talk.

You've been a jet-setter since you were a child, often traveling between London, NYC and Guyana. How did this shape or influence your perspective on beauty standards?

I've always noticed a difference between beauty standards in Guyana VS London/NYC, based off of classism, accessibility and financial establishment/freedom/power. Beauty treatments, procedures, and cosmetic surgeries in my opinion are all more accessible in the US/UK, because of the development and wealth of countries, than in Guyana and therefore I think the pressure to be "perfect" is very different from the US/UK because there are other 3rd world issues at hand. I feel as though I first noticed a difference in perspective when I was 12 years old and my mother transferred me to a predominantly white school and some of the white girls were teasing me because I didn't shave my legs.

My mom was in complete shock that these girls were waxing their legs at age 12 and said that this would be unheard of in Guyana and felt that the stripping of innocence and specialization of girls in order to fit conform happens way too young. That was once of the moments that I realized having a parent that's an immigrant from a 3rd world country was much different than an American parent.

However on another note, I think colorism and racism in relation to European features being the standard of beauty is something that I've recognized and noted as an international issue, regardless of economic status or development and that has saddened me. 

Growing up with a British father and Afro-Caribbean mother, I feel as though I was never told that my appearance was a direct reflection of my mother or father because of the color of their skin/eyes/texture of their hair. As I've gotten older I believe I've grown to look more like my mother, but as a child I sometimes felt as though I didn't see myself in my siblings or father whom are 100% white or one of my brothers who is 100% black. I think lacking that reflection made me search within for a different source of validation, a self love.

Clearly, you understand the importance of creating striking "looks". Are there any beauty icons that you source inspiration on this front from? 

I think what people are witnessing as they are connecting more and more with my "striking looks" is really the evolution of my vision as a creative director. Beauty is so much more than fitting the mold of societal standards. I have stories and messages that I'd like to send and share throughout my lifetime. This is really just the beginning. I am having fun creating every visual I've release and I think I haven't even slightly touched the core of who I am. I'm just in the process of peeling back my layers. A few of my beauty/fashion icons are Naomi Campbell, Solange and Lil' Kim.

Tell us all about your daily makeup routine!

I don't wear makeup daily, but (as of recently) when I do wear makeup I've been going for dewy skin and glossy lids.

Which five beauty products could you not live without?

A few products I can think of right now off of the top of my head are my MAC concealer + foundation, Benefit Cosmeticswatt's up! cream highlighter, NYX CosmeticsBorn To Glow Liquid Illuminator and Lime Crime's Venus: The Grunge Palette.

Can we talk about your blue hair please? It is truly gorgeous.

Thank you so much! My blue hair is actually a wig! Full lace wigs are my favorite protective style to wear because they allow me to be super versatile and risqué without putting the health of my natural hair at risk!

I get my natural hair washed and braided every two weeks by my hairstylist, Christine Ruzzille, and then my wig just gets styled as necessary. Wigs have truly become a part of my costume as a performance artist and I'm so glad that people are connecting with the character I've been able to bring to life through my visuals with the blue hair.

Describe Welcome To Aranbi in a nutshell.

Welcome To Aranbi is the title of my upcoming EP, which I am gearing up to release this year. The project is going to bring people into my world, Aranbi, which I've created in my mind visually and sonically based off of many of my fantasies and inspirations.

I plan on introducing people to this world with the release of my project, but I have so much more planned for Aranbi as a brand that will make a positive impact upon Earth.

But as Aranbi pertains to the music, people can expect a 3 part project that will consist of the merge of 3 different genres with R&B. It's going to be a cinematic journey from start to finish and there isn't "one sound." I am the thread weaving all of the stories and characters together. 

Sounds like you never have a dull moment! On that note, what's next for you?

I am gearing up to release another single, Drugs, that is on Kitty Cash's upcoming Love the Free mixtape. It will also be on my Welcome to Aranbi EP!

LCLovers can also look out for my Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is music video, which will be coming very soon. And before the end of the year they can expect to have my Welcome to Aranbi EP. I have so many things planned. I honestly can't wait to give people what they've been waiting for; there is so much in the works! 

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