Product Paradise: My Asian Skincare Routine

Product Paradise: My Asian Skincare Routine

This is probably pretty obvious by now, but I am a big fan of Asian skincare routines. 

As such, I felt compelled to clue you in to my Asian-inspired skincare routine. Here we go.

Psst! Don’t let all these steps scare you—remember that an Asian beauty routine is only as elaborate as you want it to be, since it’s totally customizable.

Step One: Cleanser

  CosRX   Low pH Good Morning Cleanser   (price varies)

For my morning cleanser, I use the Low pH Good Morning Cleanser by CosRX.  I love this cleanser because it doesn’t strip your skin of natural oils but it still removes any products that you applied prior to heading to bed (and oil buildup, of course). 

Step Two: Toner

In an Asian beauty routine, toners are used for prepping the skin for later steps—they are essentially light fluids that add moisture. This is the real start of the routine, lovelies!

I use SKINFOOD's Premium Avocado Rich Toner. What I like most about this product is that this toner is a bit thicker than other options that I have tried. While you should apply toners with cotton pad, this toner is thick enough to apply with your fingers!  It’s super moisturizing and doesn’t make your skin feel stripped post-use. 

Step Three: Serum

OST’s Original Pure Vitamin C 20 Serum  via Jolse   (price varies)

OST’s Original Pure Vitamin C 20 Serum via Jolse (price varies)

After applying the aforementioned toner, I wait until it’s completely absorbed to apply OST’s Original Pure Vitamin C 20 Serum. This serum will boost sunscreen’s efficiency by thickening and firming your skin. 

I will say that this takes a while to kick in and that you would most likely not see results for quite a few months, but stay the course—it makes a HUGE difference. I also keep this in the fridge, as to prevent oxidation; it should stay a clear, champagne-like color. Plus, the splash of cold wakes me up in the morning.

Step Four: Essence

Next, I apply Nature Republic’s White Vita First Essence. It’s similar to a toner, with a light water-esque viscosity, but it’s more geared toward treating dark spots.  I’m very prone to developing dark spots after pimples or scars disappear and this essence has definitely lightened them and made my skin more glowy, bouncy,and fresh! 

Step Five: Emulsion

Since I really like their toner, I decided to get try out SKINFOOD's Premium Avocado Rich Emulsion in the hopes that it would be richer than other light lotions and it totally was! 

It lasts such a long time.  One tiny dab covers my entire face due to how smoothly and evenly it goes on.  The benefit of an emulsion is that it’s a great prep moisturizer for your daytime cream.  Since my face tends to get dry, I like having an extra-hydrating step.  If your face gets very oily throughout the day, it may be best to skip the heavier cream and just use emulsion.

Step Six: Cream

Tony Moly ’s  Aquaporin Rich Cream   ($46/100ml)

Since I don’t have a problem with getting too oily, I opt for the addition of a heavier cream; Tony Moly’s Aquaporin Rich Cream. Just a few dabs around my face on areas prone to dry patches really does the trick.  I’ve found that I’m better able to apply my makeup after my skin is properly moisturizer, as some makeup can accentuate dry patches. 

Sometimes, I’ll even add a little bit of emulsion to my BB cream to achieve a flawless finish – but others may opt to mix facial oils in their cream for more hydration.  I allow this cream to settle into my skin for a while before I move on to my sunscreen.

Step Seven: Sunscreen

Now, I know this product isn’t an Asian beauty product, but Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunscreen is seriously the best sunscreen I’ve ever used in my life.  It’s so light and absorbs quickly with a matte finish with no white cast.  Not only that, it’s waterproof, which helps curbs some of my sweat. 

And since the SPF is high (70) it protects my skin after using AHA and BHA products.  I’d definitely recommend this sunscreen if you’re looking for something completely weightless.  It’s a great layering product!

Step Eight: Makeup

The final step is to apply my makeup and then I’m done!

And that’s it for my daytime routine!  The routine itself is really only a middle-ground.  There are people who have routines as short as 5 steps and as long as 20!  But no matter how invested you want to get in an Asian beauty routine, you’ll always end up with supple, beautiful skin.

Ready for my night routine? Stay tuned!

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