Punk Glam Pioneers: Manic Panic's Tish & Snooky

Punk Glam Pioneers: Manic Panic's Tish & Snooky

Do the founders of world-famous brand Manic Panic® really need an introduction? We think not. So go ahead and delve right into our beauty rendezvous with Tish and Snooky Bellomo.

You two were really at the forefront of the color hair craze. What events sparked the creation of your first-ever hair dye formula?

Glam Rock, Punk Rock and all kinds of music, fashion and movies inspired us to go a step further from being performers to share the things we loved with the rest of the world! We were gigging regularly as singers in the original Blondie band then we opened Manic Panic®, America's first-ever punk boutique, in 1977.

People always admired our outfits and asked us where they could buy our unique handmade regalia, so we had gotten the idea, along with a friend of ours, to open a shop. We sold clothing, accessories, cosmetics and hair color - all the stuff we wore. Everything was edgy and cool.

We eventually began producing our own Vegan formula semi-permanent hair colors right here in the USA and gave the shades rock and roll inspired names like Purple Haze® and After Midnight®. Ours was the very first company to push the envelope by giving products “alternative names”.

Are there any hair colors that you haven’t tried? If so, what is the next color on your must-try list?

I don't believe there is a single color in the spectrum that we have not tried! Oh yes actually—brown. Haha.

Right now I (Tish) wear Cotton Candy™ Pink hair color with Siren's Song™ bangs and sides. 

I (Snooky) wear a hair color ombre of Voodoo™ Blue, Purple Haze® and Ultra™ Violet. I am a breast cancer survivor and when my hair grew back after treatment I colored it purple, because violet is the ultimate healing color and to express my gratitude and joy of life. I may add other shades but I will forever love purple. We actually just came out with the Creamtones™ Perfect Pastels, so maybe I'll add one or two of those.

Which beauty products will you never, ever stop purchasing?

We wear everything we produce in the Manic Panic® line! 

Goth White™ (we use it as an eye shadow base!), Lethal™ Lipsticks, Manic Panic® Hair Color (duh), our eyeshadows,  Dreamtone®  FoundationVampyre's Veil® Pressed Powder (it's just the best powder ever!) and Glam Lashes™.

We also can't do our glam without Q-tips; they're a must-have! 

Any words of advice for aspiring beauty explorers?

Don't be afraid to experiment!  You may look at over-the-top color or product and think "I could never wear that", only to find when you put it on it's the perfect shade for you and it makes you feel magical! Color does something wonderful for your soul. Not only do you shine on in the inside but you radiate on the outside too. So go for it - be like a rainbow!


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