Pure: Elyse Marie Bertoletti

Pure: Elyse Marie Bertoletti

Elyse Marie Botanicals applies "experience, dedication and passion to redefine, strengthen and transform the evolution of modern skin and haircare".

And that they do! We, of course, needed to chat with the brand's fabulous co-founder, Elyse Marie Bertoletti.

"A beautiful combination of pure art and science." We adore that! How does this mixing of methodologies impact the way you view the world around you?

These words hold such value to me and intertwine the fundamental influences that have shaped both me as a human, and my translation of Elyse Marie Botanicals. I feel so blessed to have parents that were ahead of their times in both science and medicine in America.

As my father began his career over 40 years ago in the sciences as a teacher naturally evolving into an environmentalist, he was passionate to make a positive impact on the wellness and quality of our atmosphere. His instinctive nature to educate and share (his modern views at that time) regarding fundamental knowledge and the complex healing elements the earth contained. Intuitively, I often found myself finding sanctuary at an early age amongst the vast 17 acre rural property I was raised on (little did I know at that time I was actually meditating).

Without judgment of myself or anything that surrounded me, I could feel the positive energies within the minerals and plants surrounding me run through my body and spirit with such pure intent. My mind was so open to accepting the healing powers that was provided, literally before my eyes. 

My mother was on the other end of the spectrum as a nurse later to practice holistic and integrative medicine. Quality of life held high standard under our roof in a powerful era where refined synthetics and "cheap alternatives" infultrated and saturated what was acceptable "normal" standards within American media. 

I was completely detached from trends and the standards of acceptability, discovering my own individuality through painting and experiencing creative outlets that were all reflections of the raw profound elements of nature. I later became a cosmetologist to share these visions through beauty and connect with other like minds.

It wasn't until I became pregnant that I began to reflect back on to the message I wanted to transmit to my next of kin. I wanted them to be inspired and proud of the positivity and fulfilling impact my husband and I make on our community and everyone we connect with. 

In those moments of indecisiveness and lack of content in an industry full of materialistic standards...like a bolt of lightening ...I visualized the birth of Elyse Marie Botanicals. 

The very first thoughts that came to mind was to create "a beautiful combination of pure art and science".

To somehow blend all of the most valued untouched inherent imprints of my life into one element of expression and worth.  

Mind telling us a bit about the biggest day-to-day challenges of running a beauty business?

When reality hits, and the heartfelt vision begins to take form and come alive, all elements of life tend to blends and melt into one when your heart is committed to your business.

As a woman, a mother, a wife, and a founder, I find it sometimes hard not to feel guilt when I need to focus on one layer of my life over others. Even though my son is still in diapers, I try to communicate with him and make him feel connected to the things we do as a brand. Whether experimenting with new formulations or testing ingredients, he has a work station throughout our home where he experiments and creates in his own language and is only critiqued on his enthusiasm and passion.

At the end of the day, I know he understands on such a profound level our goal as a unit, and the ideal standards we have for our family is to strengthen our roles as parents and partners.

Thank god I have the most incredible husband who has committed himself to supporting me and becoming my partner not just in life and as parents.

He balances me as an artist and constantly pushes me in a positive way to strengthen and fine tune my role. He is equally as passionate about our brand as I am and for me this is beyond any numerical value.

What do you do to pamper yourself?

My ultimate papering begins with a beautiful meditation from my favorite app, Insight Timer, with our reveal face mask on.

I know it sounds simple, but for me clarity on all levels is everything. Soul clarity is just as important as physical and mental because it allows me to silence myself and LISTEN.  

Keeping my mind open to expansion and my capability to become the best version of myself that I can be for my brand and for my family. We are complex beings and sometimes need reminders to view ourselves from a third party perspective.

Which products have earned a spot in your "forever" beauty stash?

Having struggled as a teenager with my oily and acne prone skin, finding the most effective cleanser was always a painful challenge. Being the most important aspect in the cleansing process, putting faith in new brands can often take months or even years before discovering something compatible…and many times would lead to long term damage on the skin and dissappointment.

One of my initial goals (which was also a personal goal), was to create a unique cleanse that could benefit all skin conditions.

I CANNOT LIVE without our restore facial cleanser, which provides this overall complex component of vitality and youth, while also balancing pigmentation issues.

It is a profoundly effective product I have never experienced before..and trust me I have given many others an opportunity to shine.  I hold such a deep level of pride because natural cleansers are difficult to formulate. 

Our illuminate eye is a product I instinctively have the tendency to apply literally EVERYWHERE because of its beautifully active and potent qualities to revive the skin and provide the ultimate silky glow! 

Anything else you'd like to add?

Containing the capacity to share my brand with just one single individual and create a profound positive physical experience, while uplifing their senses is the true value of my success. I realized behind the chair during the early stages of my career, that when I could enhance the perspective of the unique individual beauty within my clients and positively connect, I accomplished my goal.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important to me than to provide an honest brand that actually works!

♢ ♢ ♢

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