Radiate: Pamper Urself Green's Amy

Radiate: Pamper Urself Green's Amy

Pamper Urself Green's Amy is an indisputable skincare expert so it will be far from shocking to hear that we were thrilled to interview her.

You are a self-professed "lab nerd". What first attracted you to science?

I really am a 'lab nerd' since my profession is working in the lab.  I have been doing it for more than 10 years now.  What first attracted me to science is the mystery of it; I like solving problems and working with my hands. 

When I was going to school and graduating, many of the lab areas still required a lot of manual techniques.  Nowadays, many have moved toward automation.  It might sound cheesy but I want to help make a difference, doing something useful.

That's why I picked clinical laboratory.  I'm an introvert so it suits me perfectly. Haha.

Working in the background performing tests that help diagnostic disease is great! It's a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.  Every day at work is different!

Skincare is kind of your forte. Can you tell us the top three tips that you have collected on your beauty journey?

It's all about being gentle with your skin; don't over exfoliate, keep hydrated both inside and out, and, of course, wear sunscreen! Oh and reduce stress too! Sorry, that's more than three. 

We LOVE your tagline, "Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be YOU". How did you decide to embrace this philosophy? 

I believe that your health is your everything! No amount of money can bring back your health once it's lost. So that's why I have 'Be Healthy' first. With good health, you won't ever feel tired and will have the energy to do everything else.  

And don't try to be someone else.  You have to love yourself first (hence the 'Be You').  In my opinion, you wouldn't know how to love anyone else unless you know how to love yourself just the way you are.

That's also the reason why I named my product line 'You Skincare' because I want it's to be all about YOU! You deserve to be pampered just the way you are!

What does your daily post-shower getting-ready routine look like?

I immediately mist my face or apply hydrating toner or FTE, then while skin is damp from that apply two pumps of the Clarifying Glow Serum and massage my face until it is completely absorbed.  This helps keep my acne at bay while improving my overall skin health.

After that, I mist my face again and apply another serum and face oil to seal everything in.  My skin is very prone to congestion so a lot of cream doesn't work with me, which is why I opt to instead layer different serums. 

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