Rainbow Swirl: Bold Eyeshadow Look Ideas To Steal

Rainbow Swirl: Bold Eyeshadow Look Ideas To Steal

Oftentimes, the narrative around makeup (and beauty, for that matter) revolves around the notion that there are certain boundaries that cannot be bent or broken. But where it the fun in that type of rigid routine?

I say, go boldly beyond the norm and embrace new, unexpected and interesting looks, as often and as loudly as possible. One cosmetic concept that has long held my fancy is the idea of mixing multiple hues of beautiful eyeshadows together to create a rainbow-kissed swirl of colors. 

A little gauche? Perhaps. But it is also super striking, especially if it is done well.

Behold, my top five sources of inspiration.

1. @jypsydreamer

Kaleidoscope eyes 🌈✌🏻️ #nyx #makeupartist #makeupart #rainboweyeshadow

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Unexpectedly elegant, this lid look is terrific. Plus, it definitely dances on the demure side of the spectrum.

2. @thashnathan

"Cool" doesn't even begin to describe this quirkily cute look from songstress Thash Nathan. Will be trying my hand at a similarly-structured eyeshadow masterpiece super soon. 

3. @jiaachacruz

I was pleased as punch to stumble upon this stylishly "stand-out"-esque look. From the oh-la-la hues to sub-waterline accent, this end-result deserves plenty of praise. 

4. @lipstick_blondie

#rainbow 🌈 #mua #sephora #color #rainboweyeshadow #greeneyes #white #whiteeyeliner #makeupforever #aquarelle

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Ummm. I love this. How stunning is that white cat eye against a sea of colors, from self-proclaimed "Future MUA" LipstickBlondie? Super. 

5. @isthatboywearinglipstick

Perfect for occasions when you want to steal the spotlight. Editorial-esque, creative and, arguably most importantly, well-executed. Kudos all around!

See you over the rainbow. And I'm sorry for that corny outro. You're welcome to come give me a hard time about it on Twitter and Instagram.

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Beauty Dip: 1/7-1/14

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