Red Lips VS. Pink Lips

Red Lips VS. Pink Lips

Nowadays, there are so many choices available when it comes to lipstick, including a wonderful array of crazy shades. But let’s go back to the classics for a minute: red and pink.

Choosing A Shade

RED: If you have a fair complexion, a cherry red with blue undertones may be the most flattering route to take, plus this will make teeth look pearly white. Cranberry and deep shades are also good for a bold look. For people with medium complexions, orange reds look amazing for day-to-day wear, but they can also really pull off a blackberry-ish shade. Generally speaking, darker complexions look fantastic with raspberry reds and deep reds.

PINK: A peachy pink or sheer pink work the best on people with fair complexions. Medium skin tones can pull off almost any pink shades! Lipsticks with blue undertones might wash you out though, so watch out for that. People with darker skin tones look good with pink shades that lean towards a magenta shade or ones that have hints of brown.

Lip Liner?

RED: Yes! Lip liner is your best friend when you’re wearing red lipstick because it’ll keep this vibrant color on your lips (and not, say, on your chin). Make sure you find a lip liner that matches accordingly.

PINK: Lip liner is not necessary! If you’re using a darker shade, it could be a good idea, but you can go without it.


RED: This is so, so, uber important when you’re wearing red lipstick! Also, pro tip: insert a (clean) finger into your mouth, close your mouth around your finger and then pull out your finger. This helps get extra lipstick off the inside of your lips. 

PINK: Pink lipstick is easier to control while applying, so blotting may not be necessary! Depends on a given lipstick's formula and texture though.

How Should I Do The Rest Of My Makeup?

RED: It’s best to keep the rest of your makeup simple if you’re rocking a dramatic red lip. Stick to neutral eyeshadows, such as browns and golds and don’t use a bright red blush!

PINK: Since your lips aren’t so vivid, you can make your eyes more dramatic and smokey and go all out! 

Put these guidelines to good use, beauties!

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