Red Slipper Nails: Metallics and Glitters & Holos, Oh My!

Red Slipper Nails: Metallics and Glitters & Holos, Oh My!

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? If, like me, you’re currently drowning in finals-fueled tears of sorrow, then you’ve come to the right place: Nothing gets me in the mood for the holidays like a stunning, glittery red-red-slipper nail polish. Below I’ve rounded up a list of amazing glittery red polishes that even Dorothy would approve of, all from reputable indie brands.

1. KB Shimmer's Get To The Poinsettia

This pretty holographic red is filled with tiny flakes of glitter that give it that luminous shimmer and shine. Maybe if I wore it and tapped my nails together, whispering “there’s no place like home,” three times, it could be winter break already! 

2. Rainbow Honey's Crimson Nebula

We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore with this shade from Rainbow Honey's “Space Nails” collection—their website describes this shade as “a sultry mix of holographic star dust.” It’s a super unabashed, beyond-the-galaxy-cherry-red topped with a lovely subtle glitter.

3. Il Était Un Vernis' Merlot

Il Était Un Vernis '  Merlot   ( ≈ $13.70)

Il Était Un VernisMerlot ( ≈ $13.70)

This rich color has a orange tone and plenty of sparkle. It may not be the exact shade of red that you picture when someone mentions "Red Red Slippers", but this is pretty enough to hold its place on this roundup.

4. Literary LacquersArousal

From this brand’s “Nailed” collection, this tomato red polish is thick and yummy-looking and is apparently made with actual love (it’s true! Check the ingredients!).

And can we dote on the name of this brand for a bit? Every polish made by Literary Lacquer has a literary reference for a name and they have a fantastic array of colors to choose from.

5. GlitterDaze's She Doesn't Even Go Here

Or, “It isn’t even red…” I know, I know, it’s a horse of a different color. Did you get that joke? Haha. But magenta is in the red family, right? Like it could look red with more coats…? Gah, I had to include this one from “The Plastics” collection because it’s just so damn beautiful.

6. I Love Nail Polish's Cherry Luxe

I feel fancy just looking at this polish—Seriously, I can practically smell the Giorgio Armani perfume and feel the weight of golden bangles around my wrists.

From their Ultra Metallics collection, this rich red polish is “stuffed with ultra thin metallic flakes,” and just a smidgen of “holographic magic.” This is probably the quintessential “red-slipper” polish. Just take my money, already!

Hope I could brighten your mood with this lovely assortment of glitter red nail polish, as well as my bad “Wizard of Oz” puns. Stay polished, everybody!

Beauty Dip 11/19-11/26

Beauty Dip 11/19-11/26

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