REVIEW: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

REVIEW: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

The day I got my job at the Forever 21 in my mall, I walked over to Sephora and made my first ever, “big girl purchase” in makeup and that was the Too Faced Natural Eyes eye shadow palette.

At the time, I didn’t know very much about makeup or how to judge if the product was good or not, but honestly now, after three years of owning this thing, I can't imagine NOT having this in my collection.

Back when I was researching the best “starter” eye shadow palettes for my first purchase, the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette was talked about a lot, along with Urban Decay's Naked eyeshadow palette and LORAC CosmeticsLORAC PRO Palette, but I ended up opting for the Too Face one because it had the perfect colors for every imaginable occasion.

To this day, I still don't find myself using most of the colors in LORAC Pro or UD Naked palettes whenever I borrow them from my roommate. But the colors in the Natural Eye palette are just so wearable that I really do wear them, you know?

I was actually initially planning to include a shot of my battered and often-used palette to prove that I really have used each eyshadow shade equally, but it is just so beat looking that I figured that I would spare you the unsightliness.


With just these nine eye shadows, you can achieve so many different looks based around warm, brown neutrals. I personally think brownish warm nudes will always be a classic for every skin tone and perhaps that’s why this palette has lasted with me for so long.

Honey Pot and Push-Up are gorgeous shimmery shades on the eyelids. On lazy mornings or when I am going for the “No-Makeup” makeup look, I’ll just pop Silk Teddy on my eyelids and I look infinitely more awake. Heaven is that essential matte, cream color for under the brow bone or as an eyelid base. Sexpresso and even Erotica (despite being shimmery) are also amazing for adding depth and creating smoky looks. Basically, I could go on FOREVER about the versatility of this palette.

Oh and one last special shout-out to Cashmere Bunny for being the best crease/transition shade ever. I own so many palettes and eye shadows now, but I always pull out my Natural Eyes palette for this specific shade to put around my crease. I think for my yellow under-tone skin, this color just blends any eye shadow to match my skin. 


For me, this product overall is so worth it. Getting nine high-quality lovely eyeshadows for $36 is kind of a steal actually. Due to its compact size, I tend to treat this as my go-to travel palette.

The only negative I have to say about this product is...fallout. Maybe this is due to the fact that they are intensely-pigmented or something, but these produce a lot of shimmering dust. 

To me though, fallout is a small price to pay for an otherwise excellent product. Plus, you can always manage this by using a softer brush and by putting on foundation after applying your eye makeup.

Bottom line: I know everyone is talking about the Too Faced Chocolate Bar these days, but my love for the Natural Eyes palette makes me hope that it maintains some recognition. So, if you are on the prowl for a neutral eye shadow palette with a mix of flattering matte and shimmery shades, I highly recommend the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette!

Pros: Versatility, pigmentation, price and size

Cons: Fallout, competitive products

Overall rating: 9.5/10

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