Rose-Scented Beauty Buys To Try Out

Rose-Scented Beauty Buys To Try Out

Ah spring, I never appreciated this time of year until moving somewhere that actually experiences the seasons (Love you, Colorado!). Flowers are in bloom all around me right now, and the colors and fragrances are dreamy to say the least.

However, If I have to be cooped up inside I like to bring a little bit of the season with me...and these rose-scented products are my go-to for putting a spring in my step.

1. Harper + Ari's Rosé Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

With shorts weather looming, that means self tanner is in the very near future for me. Exfoliation is key to buffing off all the dry skin winter has left behind and paving the way for an even glow. Enter my favorite scrub (which is rosé).

Each cube is perfectly portioned, making it mistake proof and the smell is heavenly. They’re infused with shea butter and aloe vera gel, so they wipe out dead skin cells, without drying you out. 

2. Lush Cosmetics' Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Lush Cosmetic s'  Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner   (price varies by country)

Lush Cosmetics' Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (price varies by country)

Everyone’s favorite cruelty-free beauty shop serves up even more rosey shower goodies! I discovered Ro’s Argan about 2 years ago after being a Lushie for nearly a decade and I haven’t looked back since. This creamy body conditioner quickly won my heart, thanks to its ultra moisturizing formula and delicious lemon-rose candy scent.

It’s chock full of cocoa, shea and cupuacu butters as well as its namesake argan oil (and almond and brazil nut oils) to keep even the driest of skin from becoming parched—and the smell lingers long after your shower or bath.

3. Good Day Hairshop’s Holy Rose Water Shampoo & Conditioner

Before you hop out of the shower why not leave your tresses fragranced with rose too! Oh and it leaves your locks looking supremely shiny. The shampoo is super gentle thanks to the rose water infusion and the conditioner is hydrating without weighing down strands. This duo nourishes a dry scalp and even encourages hair growth, so let your hair down!

4. Herbivore BotanicalsRose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil

This brand is known for serving up the freshest of organic beauty and their Rose Quartz Body Oil is no exception. Inspired by the gemstone of self-love and healing, this illuminating body oil activates self-love and leaves skin moisturized and glowy (aka perfection) Rose absolute, camellia oil and orchid extract make this treatment a true indulgence.

5. Catbird’s Ghost Rose Solid Perfume

Last, but not least is Catbird’s Ghost Rose Solid Perfume. This low-key staple is a modern, fresh take on the classic fleur with notes of English rose, champagne and peony. This hydrating coconut balm leaves you smelling sparkling, so apply generously on your pulse points to diffuse this ethereal scent.

Now it’s all comin’ up roses.

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