Say No To Committing These Skin Sins (Part Two)

Say No To Committing These Skin Sins (Part Two)

Let me begin by saying that this is indeed an addendum to my recent Say No To Committing These Skin Sins piece. 

Now, some of the following skin care habits are gross and others may make sense to most, but regardless, it is pertinent to make sure that you avoid doing these things for your skin’s sake!

1. Washing Your Face With Only Makeup Or Cleansing Wipes

I use the term “washing” very loosely in this case. When I ask my clients why they only use a makeup wipe, the answers are fairly surprising. One woman even told me it’s because she is allergic to water!

Basically, wiping your face with makeup or cleansing wipes removes makeup, yes, but it also adds more chemicals to the on-your-face-equation AND it frequently ends up just moving around left-over makeup. 

While this may cut down on your pre-bed prep time, it is seriously doing more harm than good for your skin. 

2. Not Using Moisturizer

You really need to understand your skin. Not just for this point, but in every aspect of your current and future skincare routines.

Neglecting to use moisturizer is a major no-no because it tends to make existing issues worse. And, more often than not, dry skin leads to more obvious skin flaws and an irritated face. Moisturize your makes your skin happy.

3. Picking At Your Skin

This is a nasty habit many, many people have. It may be stress or anxiety-related, but trust me when I tell you that you should never mess with blemishes. It increases your odds of scarring and makes flare-ups more glaring than ever. Plus, this makes proper healing more difficult due to the bacteria on your fingers and post-picking inflammation. 

4. Working Out With Makeup On

[Note: I hate when people do this! Whyyyyy? Like what is the point even? Genuinely asking. Divulge this mystery to me via Twitter if you know!- Bree]

Eye-stinging aside, getting your sweat on with a full face of makeup causes clogged pores, triggering breakouts.

The solution? Wipe your makeup off with a makeup-removing wipe and then wash your face after your workout. 

I mean, do you really want to wipe your glistening face on a white towel only to be greeted with a scary makeup outline of your face? I didn't think so.

5. Sleeping With Makeup On

My fellow beauty editor Brianna wrote a quasi-poem about this a few months back—click here for a refresher—and that is because we beauty editors know the horrors that this habit can breed.

Just to pluck an example out of thin air—skin mites. They are nasty and you don't want them entering your life.

Anyway, sleeping in your makeup means that your skin is not able to breathe. It also makes for dirty pillowcases, which, incidentally, causes breakouts. Vicious cycles galore, I'm telling you!

So power through and wash your face before plopping into bed. It's totally worth it in the end, I swear.

I'll be back with more skin talk soon, but make me proud in the meantime by saying too-da-loo to all of these gnarly skin sins once and for all!

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